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The New York Jets are turning into the most dysfunctional franchise in the NFL today. Between having a loudmouth head coach who guarantees a Super Bowl championship more years than not, a Hollywood quarterback who signed a ridiculously lucrative contract this offseason and a back up quarterback who brings with him a cult phenomenon even though he is one of the worst players at his position, the Jets are an absolute mess.

And unfortunately for them, it only seems to get worse by the day.

Darrelle Revis is out for the year. So is Santonio Holmes. It can be argues that New York lose their top player on defense and offense in the span of two weeks. With Mark Sanchez struggling to do anything at all on the field and Tim Tebow sitting on the sidelines instead of coming in for 15-20 plays in the wildcat offense as had previously been suggested, the Jets are a team going nowhere fast.

Rex Ryan could be on the hot seat. Mike Tannenbaum’s proverbial seat should be nearly on fire, and now Jets’ owner Woody Johnson may be forcing the hand of Ryan to insert Tebow as the team’s starting quarterback as soon as next week.

Clearly, the Jets are showing that not only do they not know how to win, but that they no longer care if they win.

That would never be more evident than if the Jets owner forces their head coach into playing an inferior player just to make their trade look good.

After New York traded for Tebow, Johnson reiterated his support for Sanchez as the team’s starting quarterback. But that support appears to be wavering through another disappointing 2-2 star to the 2012 NFL season. Johnson said the prospect of Tebow starting is “a question that will be asked more frequently if this progresses because this is unacceptable playing.” His first reference to Sanchez wasn’t by name but rather he called him “this quarterback.”

Johnson is all about buzz. The New York Giants may win championships, but it is Johnson and the Jets who continue to dominate the back sports pages of the New York newspapers. To football fans, it would appear as if Johnson’s priorities are not quite right.

But it was Johnson who talked Tannenbaum into acquiring Brett Favre and talking Eric Mangini into starting him even with all of Favre’s late season struggles. It was Johnson who, even after the Jets signed Sanchez to an extension and signed Drew Stanton to be the back up, told Tannenbaum to trade for Tebow and talked Ryan into implementing enough plays to make Tebow effective in the Jets’ offense.

It just doesn’t seem to work out when Johnson gets involved, but it really isn’t much better with the rest of the brain trust within New York’s organization either.

The bottom line is that neither quarterback is capable of leading the Jets to the Super Bowl. When New York reached back-to-back AFC Championship games, it was in spite of Sanchez, not because of him. And while Tebow is still not an improvement over even Sanchez at quarterback, Johnson knows that starting him would be good for business.

And isn’t the NFL all about business?

Expect whoever starts against the Houston Texans on Monday Night Football to struggle to move the ball.

Or to remain upright without throwing a handful of interceptions on their way to the ground.





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  1. avatar Steve

    Just to clarify,Woody Johnson is pushing for Tebow, because his wife is running the Tebow athletic gear ring. How corrupt and collusional is Woody Johnson, he brings over tebow to sell seats and gear, and his wife owns the gear company, f’in loser.


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