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The New York Jets may make a change for change’s sake. It is one of the worst thing that an NFL team can do in this day and age. They panic and make a rash decision based on the poor play of one player or on the desires of the fans. Generally speaking, the say when a coach or general manager listens to the fans, he will soon be sitting with them.

But what if it is the owner making all of the calls as to player personnel? He can’t be fired, so whatever he says goes.

Regardless of how ridiculous that move may be.

I have never been a supporter of Mark Sanchez as the Jets’ starting quarterback. I thought he was highly overrated coming out of USC, and my feelings have not changed one bit after watching him struggle on offense in New York.

Actually, that may be a lie. I actually think less of him as a starting quarterback today than I did when he was drafted. he cannot move the chains, makes too many poor decisions, and is grossly overpaid.

Unfortunately for the Jets, I happen to think even less of his back up.

Jets owner Woody Johnson has reportedly been pushing for New York to start Tim Tebow sooner rather than later. And more often than not, what the owner wants, the owner gets. If Johnson tells Rex Ryan to bench Sanchez in favor of Tebow, consider it a done deal. While we do not know how close this is to becoming a reality, the rumors continue to run rampant.

Johnson was once a strong supporter of Sanchez, but he has seemed to waver on that support a bit as of late. And while Sanchez may feel secure in his starting role as Jets’ quarterback, he may be a bit in denial.

“I don’t feel threatened to lose my job at all,” Sanchez said. “It’s no different, whether it’s Tim or Mark [Brunell] or Kellen [Clemens]. It doesn’t change. I’m really not worried at all.”

I know that wrong is an absolute, but I still must say this.

Sanchez could not be more wrong.

It is an entirely different situation with Tebow. It always is when it comes to the quarterback who has a cult-like following. Last time I checked, not too many fans rallied around Brunell or Clemens to start a football game. That is not the case with Tebow.

I am not saying that the Jets’ struggles on offense are all the fault of Sanchez. The wide receiving corps is a bit depleted, and they were never all that great in the first place. Shonn Greene has once again struggled on the ground, and the team has had to play from behind more often than not. Not all of that is Sanchez’s fault, but it does not bode well for him going forward either.

A Monday Night Football game against the Houston Texans will not make things any easier, but Sanchez says he is not worried.

Again, denial.

“It’s another opportunity,” said Sanchez. “Nobody expects it to work. Nobody expects it to go right. Nobody expects us to win. That’s fine. I’ve been in situations like this before. I’m confident I can handle it, and there’s only one way in my mind to go about it — and that’s really to attack it.”

So far, the only thing that seems to be under attack is the play of Sanchez for the Jets this season.

Don’t expect things to change any time soon.






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