By Eric Schmidt

The turnovers continue for Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick and at some point, you must raise the question as to whether or not this will be his last season with the Philadelphia Eagles. Yes, Vick is an exciting, dynamic player, but his reckless ball control issues are not stopping and most likely cost Philadelphia the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.

Yes, the Eagles are 3-2, but they were the first team in NFL history to win their first three games of the season by 2 points or less. The chances of consistently winning games this way while turning the ball over repeatedly are very low. Both of the Eagles first two wins required late game drives. A scramble with less than 2 minutes by Vick to score the go ahead score. That’s impressive over a Baltimore team with playoff aspirations this season. However, the opening game against the hapless Cleveland Browns should never have had to come down to the final drive of the game. Despite running 88 plays, compared to 59 for the Browns, Vick kept the Browns in the game with his four interceptions.Had Vick not fumbled at the goal line yesterday, the Eagles likely defeat the Steelers.

The number of turnovers and the recklessness of his style of play are alarming. This is not a second year quarterback making rookie mistakes, this is an 11-year veteran that shows no signs of changing his style of play.

Vick now has recorded 11 turnovers in the first five games of the regular season. His passer rating has him ranked 24th in the league. Christian Ponder, Robert Griffin III, Cam Newton, Jake Locker and Andy Dalton all have higher passer ratings and are playing with fewer offensive weapons around them than Vick has. At this point in his career, that’s simply unacceptable.

Vick supporters will say that the turnovers happen because he’s trying to make plays. He’s very competitive. However, sometimes it’s better to simply run out of bounds, than trying to turn upfield and receive a big hit. Sometimes it’s better to throw the ball away rather than forcing the ball into triple coverage and winding up with an interception.

Vick seems unfazed by the turnovers. Speaking to reporters after the Eagles loss on Sunday, Vick said, “It’s football. Things happen.” He continued, “I wish I could take back the fumble on the goal line, but I can’t. Ultimately, we put ourselves in a position to win this game, but we didn’t win. That’s how it goes in the NFL.” Really.

You really have to wonder whether or not Vick will remain in Philadelphia after this season. Eagles ownership has already given head coach Andy Reid a veiled ultimatum for this year. Vick could cost Reid his job after this year if the large number of turnovers continue and the team fails to reach the playoffs.

That’s a scenario that many Eagles fans would love to see, but be careful what you wish for. If you are a Vick fan and think that the majority of the blame falls on Reid’s shoulders, a new head coach does not guarantee that Vick remains with the team. A new head coach might want to go a different direction. The team might want to shed Vick’s contract as well, his contract is $15.5 million for 2013. If Reid does stay and the turnovers continue at this pace, he might wash his hands of the situation and move forward in another direction, perhaps moving QB Nick Foles into the position.

I highly doubt that any team in the league would want to trade for Vick, given his current contract, the fact he’s turnover prone, will be 33 in June and has never played 16 games in a single season more than once in his career.He’ll play somewhere, but not at his current contract.

I believe we are watching the last year we’ll see Mike Vick in an Eagles uniform.











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  1. avatar Mo


    • avatar Patrick

      Vick cannot read defenses. The offensive line can only block so many players at a time. Steelers were overloading the left side and Vick never made any adjustment to the play to compensate for the blitz. Stop making excuses for Vick he has 11 of the 14 turnovers on the eagles team. Vick throwing the long ball is horrible. Vick needs to be benched maybe that will have him take time on the sidelines and actually see what is going on in the football game concerning the oppossing defense and see that he may actually have to think and change the call. You know manage thw game as a smart QB and stop looking like a bumbling idiot as a NFL QB.

  2. avatar mike w

    ??? The Eagles payed 16mill in 2011, 16mill in 2012 and only owe 8mill more for 2013. Vick has a 40mill guarantee. Why would you write 15.5mill for 2013?? You don’t even try.

    The team might want to shed Vick’s contract as well, his contract is $15.5 million for 2013.

    • avatar Eric Schmidt

      When you want to debate salary issues, calling me out and start with the line, “The Eagles payed”, then I stopped reading.

  3. avatar Maddy

    The play calling and not having a big WR is the problem. Why have your QB stand 4 yds behind a packed line of scrimmage and run at it?…I don’t see Brady, Mannings, Brees doing that. He’s not a running back. Plaxico? would have been nice not Cooper-(green bay game) to have another option like Brees on to Colston last night.
    I would have rather seen McCoy carry it 3 times than Vick to carry it once…asking for trouble. Get hurt or a Fumble…4 yds beind the line…smh.


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