By Eric Schmidt

Each season, ESPN analyst Jon Gruden’s name comes up for head coaching positions. It’s already surfaced in the last week with an over anxious Tennessee Volunteers fan adding his name as the next head coach of the team on his Wikipedia page. I believe once you are in the NFL game and win a Super Bowl, there is no going back to the college game. It appears that several head coaching jobs might be open for the current co-host of Monday Night Football. Gruden has already stated he’d like to return to the sidelines, but he is negotiating from a position of strength, he is already employed and drawing a handsome salary. Where might he land in 2013?

San Diego Chargers- Norv Turner has to be on his way out of town. This is a Chargers team that continues to underwhelm fans. If the Chargers can’t get a new stadium deal struck, they are going to have to do something in order to get fans back in the seats. Gruden has expressed his love for California in the past. He gets a veteran QB in Philip Rivers to work with and he’d get to square off twice a year against the quarterback he call’s the Sheriff, Peyton Manning.High probability.

Philadelphia Eagles- With each passing week, it appears that Andy Reid will be looking for work after this season is over. The Eagles continue to underachieve on the field. The ownership might send Michael Vick packing as well. That would leave Gruden with a rookie quarterback in Nick Foles. Gruden loves veteran signal callers, and does not work well with rookies. If Vick is released, low probability of seeing Gruden.

Dallas Cowboys- There are going to be some comprehensive changes coming for the Dallas Cowboys this offseason. This is not a team which is going to reach deep into the playoffs and Jerry Jones has to be frustrated about that once again this year. With Dallas, Gruden would get a veteran quarterback and a pretty stacked offensive mix. Jerry Jones suggested that the window might be closing on the Cowboy’s chances of winning a Super Bowl, so bringing in Gruden for 2-3 years might be the perfect fit. However, if he is hired, expect clashes between Jones and Gruden over personnel.

The other NFL team Gruden has long been linked to is the Cleveland Browns. I believe Gruden has no desire to head up that team under new management and assume a 30 year old quarterback heading into his second season.




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  1. avatar Dan Bynum

    John Gruden inherited a complete team, won the Superbowl–and went down hill from there.
    I can’t stand him on Monday Night Football–he’s not another John Madden.
    Gruden needs to put on a dress.
    I feel sorry for the team that picks him for head coach. What a waste of money.
    But I will be happy when he leaves TV.

    • avatar Eric Schmidt

      Dan, that issue has been debated for years in the Tampa Bay area. Sorry that you find him offensive on MNF. Too bad you can’t spell his first name correctly.

    • avatar Brad

      i think jon gruden does a good job on mnf. i’ve heard better commentators and i’ve heard worse. but jon gruden knows football. i think (being a vol fan)that he should coach at tennessee. he wasnt a great NFL coach. but i got a feeling that he would be a pretty good college coach. give jon at least 5 years with the volunteers. bottom line he should coach college not the NFL

  2. avatar Ed Metcalf

    Jason is a nice guy, but nice guys finish last! (I know from personal experience!) However, Jon Gruden has the starch that Dallas needs. If Jerry played along, Gruden and ‘da Boys’ would have new Super Bowl rings, in two years, max! Guaranteed!!!

  3. avatar Chris Elser

    The notion Gruden wouldn’t coach in Philadelphia,if they sent Vick packing, is so ridiculous,I find it hard to take anything the Author says seriously thereafter.Philadelphia would be the most attractive spot for Gruden,because of all the talent this team is packed with.Gruden coached in Tampa, without a top flight Q.B. his entire tenure.Philly has two pro bowl caliber recievers,Jason Peters,who Gruden often refers to as the best o lineman in the game,returning from injury,as well as young stud L.B. Demeco Ryans,former Raider Namdi Asumougha, still one of the best corners in the game,and Lesean McCoy,who Gruden calls one of the best 5 backs,and you have a very attractive setting.Throw in several high caliber D-linemen,as well as a top ten pick in the draft,and salary cap room with Vick getting the boot,and Gruden would have a team ready to make an immediate run for the Super Bowl,which Gruden puts way ahead of having an experienced top notch Q.B.,which his decision to coach in Tampa clearly illustrates.I believe if Gruden,were in fact offered this job,he would go.He coached in Philly before,and would be an immediate fan favorite,for a while anyway.I also think you would see Philly in the playoffs,and possibly the S.B. in short order with their immense talent.Reid was distracted this season,but was always a horrible game day Coach,who had the talent for years to win the big game,but could not get it done,similar to Dungy in Tampa,when Gruden took them to the dance in his first season.


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