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Could there be animosity brewing in the locker room of the Indianapolis Colts? Word out of Indy this week is that Reggie Wayne was asked to describe rookie quarterback Andrew Luck through his first five games of the 2012 NFL season, and Wayne did not hold back in saying that Luck was “not normal.”

Of course, he means not normal in a good way.

“He’s not your normal rookie quarterback,” Wayne said. “I’ve heard people say it before, I think our offensive coordinator, Bruce Arians, has said that. He’s not your normal rookie quarterback. He does a great job of just taking everything in, not being pressured, not being forced to do something that he’s not in control of. He can do it. Hopefully we can keep him a little cleaner, and we will. That’s something that we’ve really focused on the last couple days. And he’ll take it in. … He’s able to run a little bit so he can kind of get out of some troubles.”

Wayne must have thought highly of Wayne even before the 2012 NFL season. In fact, he must have thought well of the Stanford quarterback even before the Colts drafted him with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Why else would he have re-signed with the Colts for three more years instead of cashing in with a team who stood a far better chance of reaching the Super Bowl. A team such as the Denver Broncos, perhaps, to join good buddy Peyton Manning.

It must have been more than just loyalty to the only team Wayne has ever played for in his NFL career. If he did not have high expectations from Luck and the rest of the team, why else would he have decided to stay in Indianapolis?

The Colts may be just 2-3 this season. In all likelihood, they will fail to reach the postseason for the second consecutive season. Luck is still a rookie and Wayne is in his 12th NFL season. But with a rejuvenated wide receiver playing with a rookie quarterback who has a bright future, it may not take all that long for the Colts to make their way back to the playoffs.

And while many people are writing them off for 2012, their next four games are against the Cleveland Browns, Tennessee Titans, Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars. I am not saying that the Colts can win all or even most of them but, thanks to the strong play of Luck and the always consistent play of Wayne, they at least have a shot.






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  1. avatar me

    ” animosity brewing in the locker room ” uh what in the hell? this is stupid.

  2. avatar John K.

    It’s nice to see that the Pigskin Report employs mental midgets. Who else would be stupid enough to spin this and write about it.

    There are enough legitimate issues/stories in the NFL to write about. Someone shouldnt have to try to invent one.

    Score: Ink Font = 10, Idiot Writer: 0


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