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While I cannot stand when people come out and rip others while doing so anonymously, it still makes for good news. It would be much better if they had the guts to put their names to it, but we can’t always get what we want. As is the case with a rival GM who came out and ripped Ndamukong Suh and the Detroit Lions, saying the controversial defensive lineman and his teammates belong on the “All-Hype” team in the NFL.

“I have listened to the media hype about [Ndamukong] Suh since he got in the league — what has he done?” one unnamed GM asked. “Even the year he had all those garbage sacks, the guy took a million plays off and got pushed around in the run game. I have never thought he was a very good pro player.”

While we have no idea who this person is, that did not stop him from ripping nearly every player on the Lions, especially Detroit’s defensive line.

“They don’t have enough good players, and the players they think are good are not that good,” said the anonymous GM. “Suh belongs on the All-Hype team. [Cliff] Avril is not that good — put on any game and you can watch him get blocked time and time again. Corey Williams is solid, but nothing that wows you or makes you wonder how you are going to block him. The other guy [Kyle Vanden Bosch)] is a try-hard guy getting up in years that does not really threaten you. For as much as people talk about that D-line and all its depth, where are all the players?”

Ouch. Tell us what you really think.

Oh wait, you did that already. Better yet, tell us who you are. That would make this an even better story. That way, the Lions would have a shot to properly fire back.

This gutless wonder also took to criticizing head coach Jim Schwartz and general manager Martin Mayhew. That was going too far, especially when he compared Schwartz to former Detroit GM Matt Millen, who will have to go down as one of the worst executives in the history of professional sports.

It is one thing to knock Suh. It is almost trendy.

But to come out and say that Millen was right about anything is simply foolish.

This anonymous person was already a coward. To defend Millen causes him to lose any credibility that he had in the first place, which was already very little considering he would not put his name to his comments.





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  1. avatar david foster

    I have been a lions fan forever. I beleive your a better team then where you are. I can only hope that what this unknown dork said about the lions only pisses you off enough to go out and kick ass. Show them all what kind of team you really are. Goooo lions!!!!! God bless, fan 4 life David


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