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The New York Jets will take on the Houston Texans on Monday Night Football, and they will do so with Mark Sanchez as the starting quarterback. How much longer he holds that position atop the Jets’ depth chart remains to be seen.

New York signed Sanchez to a ridiculous contract extension this offseason, one in which they may be regretting right now. He has played rather poorly to start the 2012 NFL season, and the calls for Tim Tebow are getting louder.

Not by anyone who knows anything about football, mind you, but New York may have no choice but to give Tebow a shot sooner rather than later, as the team has flat out failed to move the chains. Sanchez has been a big part of that problem, although he is not alone.

The running game has been nonexistent with Shonn Greene and, with the season ending injury to Santonio Holmes, this offense is going nowhere fast. But it is not all on Sanchez. This offense simply is not built to score points. Jets fans can thank Mike Tannenbaum for that.

But while Sanchez may not be the problem – not entirely at least 0 he can also not be seen as the solution.

Then again, if New York thinks that Tebow is the solution, they have another thing coming.

Still, word out of New York is that the Jets are finally going to live up to their part of the bargain when they convinced Tebow to allow the Denver Broncos to trade him to New York instead of another team where he could be the starter. Reports have surfaced that the Jets are prepared to give Tebow a “larger role/more reps” in tonight’s game against the Texans.

Now, whether or not that simply means that he will attempt two passes instead of one remains to be seen. So far, through the first four games of the 2012 NFL season, Tebow has attempted just one pass and has only rushed the ball nine times. That is not exactly what people that they had in mind when New York hired Tony Sparano and acquired Tebow to run the wildcat offense.

Then again, the wildcat hasn’t really worked for years now. And Tebow isn’t really an NFL quarterback.

What should that tell you when the Jets face the Texans tonight?

This should be a long night for the Jets against the vaunted Texans’ defense. The bottom line is that it will not matter who is under center. Sanchez and Tebow will be in for what should be a disaster against Houston. Considering that both are probably best suited as a back up, this should come to no surprise to anyone outside the Jets’ organization.





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