By Eric Schmidt

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were a team in free fall last season, prompting the firing of head coach Raheem Morris. The organization hired Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano and he brought his hard line approach to the Buccaneers. The Bucs look to be different on the field this season, but a disturbing trend is starting to emerge.

Greg Schiano told all the players on the roster that they would receive a clean slate under his leadership, and his approach to conducting business in Tampa rubbed certain players the wrong way in the offseason, prompting their trade or outright release.

A few weeks ago, one of the most troubled players on the Buccaneers roster received a suspension from the league office. Aqib Talib was slapped with another league imposed suspension, this time a four game suspension after testing positive for a banned substance. Talib tested positive for the use of Adderall. His loss likely cost the Buccaneers a chance to defeat the New Orleans Saints, the first game of his suspension.

Now, it appears that another Buccaneers corner will get slapped for yet another four-game suspension for the use of the same drug, Eric Wright. The Tampa Bay Times is reporting that Wright, one of the high profile free agents the Buccaneers inked in the offseason, is facing a four-game suspension from the NFL league office.

Talib is still serving his suspension, with one week to go. The Buccaneers could now head to Oakland next Sunday without the use of their two top cornerbacks, something the 31st ranked Buccaneers pass defense can ill afford.

Schiano seems to be running a no-nonsense ship with the Buccaneers, but one has to question about the use of Adderall by two of the starting cornerbacks of the Buccaneers. Tampa Bay has been a very competitive team this season, unlike last year. However, the actions of these two players have put the Buccaneers in a bad way on an already poor pass defense.

Wright was signed to a $38 million dollar free agent deal this offseason while Talib is heading towards free agency after the conclusion of the regular season.




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