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The New York Jets experiment with Tim Tebow could be about to come to a timely end. It has not worked out for Tebow or the Jets, and it is time for the Jets to trade Tebow and end this miserable failure. All this trade has done is retard the progress of Mark Sanchez, and that is after the Jets gave him a huge contract extension this offseason. New York needs to admit they made a mistake by acquiring Tebow, and have no other choice but to deal the back up quarterback by the 2012 NFL Trading Deadline.

I’m sure many people will disagree with this opinion. Many people feel that trading Tebow would be a mistake for the Jets. Of course, these same people feel that Tebow is a capable starting quarterback in the NFL, so I of course dismiss their feelings altogether.

Tebow is not a starting NFL quarterback. He was fantastic in college with the Florida Gators, but he will never be good enough to lead a team to a Super Bowl. His mechanics are horrible. His accuracy is weak. His decision making skills when it comes to throwing the ball leave a lot to be desired.

But that does not mean that at least a couple of teams would place a few inquiries to the Jets as to the availability of Tebow.

Many people are under the impression that the Jets would not trade Tebow during the season. But if that is the case, then why did they work out free agent quarterback Kevin O’Connell on Tuesday? O’Connell was with the Jets on three separate occasions, so it is not as if they wanted to see what he could do on the football field. They know what he can do. But are they looking to bring him back yet again?

And, if so, they are not looking to carry four quarterbacks and have given no indication that they are close to trading or cutting Greg McElroy. This could be just a smoke stack, but the Jets may finally be realizing that they made a mistake and are finally looking to recoup some of their losses.

If or when the Jets do finally realize that they need to trade Tebow, two teams immediately come to mind.

The Jacksonville Jaguars make the most sense. This is the team who should have acquired Tebow this past offseason. Blaine Gabbert is not progressing as quickly as many within the organization has predicted, and Chad Henne may not be much of an improvement – if at all – if the team makes a switch. The Jags are 1-4 and rank dead last in passing yards per game. Now, Tebow will not make them even better, but he will do something for the Jaguars that Gabbert and Henne cannot do in Jacksonville.

Sell tickets, which is a much needed trait right now.

If the Jets and Jaguars cannot reach an agreement, New York could consider dealing Tebow to the Arizona Cardinals. Kevin Kolb is out, John Skelton is back, but neither is consistent. This is a decent team who has playoff aspirations, but they cannot move the ball on offense. Not in the air or on the ground. Tebow may at least open up some running lanes and keep the defenses guessing, provided they use him right. At least he would be going to a team who’s defense is good enough to keep them in each game.

Whether the Jets trade Tebow to the Jaguars or Cardinals or any other team, it is time for New York to ship him out of The Big Apple.

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Readers Comments (17)

  1. avatar Douglas Ferraez

    Rob, you seem to be so certain of Tebow`s inability to be a Qb in the nfl. So it really wasn`t tebow who took over at qb for a 1-4 Bronco`s team and take them into the playoffs. I`m sure you could let us know who the real person was who did that.

  2. avatar Rick Stephens

    The Jags and the Cards, I can see that…but how about the Raiders? Timbow might have to change his image.

    • avatar Michael

      Wherever he ends up, he will do well. He just needs more time.

  3. avatar james lee

    the Jags would need a GM who knew the value of a Tebow, months ago they let him slip thru to Jets. Tebow would
    not only rescue a fan base for Jax, but
    would provide, for the first time, some kind of national identity the Jags have never had.

  4. avatar David

    Serious he cant throw? 316 yds up against the #1 passing defense last season with the biggest td pass in play off history, the balls just dont get there on their own, sure like all qbs there is incompletions, look at P Manning having receiver issues in Denver. Where can I get a paying job of giving an absurd opinion? Was not Christian Ponder beat at every NCAA game tebow faced him and when Tebow faced him at the NFL level, one of those qbs made the play offs, it wasnt the guy that had a stacked rb peterson and one of the top 5 wrs Percy Harvin. Send me a resume to my email so I can get paid.

    • avatar Allen

      David, really why are you listening to Skip Bayless rants. If he is really a good QB why could he not even complete 40% of his passes in the preseason. This was after working with not one, but to QB guru’s to help him. Even that 316 yard game, Tebow could not complete over 50% of his passes, is that what you want for your starting QB. BTW did not Tebow lost to Kyle in the last game of the regular season. In a game that Tebow could not even get ONE TD.

    • avatar Joey

      Dude, you’re a fucking idiot. Stop bringing up one game. The dude’s career completion percentage is less than 50%. Ryan Clark didn’t play in that game because of the altitude in Denver, and his backup was in the wrong coverage when that play happened. My dog could’ve thrown that pass. And the best pass in playoff history? Did you just start watching football in 2011? Do us a favor and stop having an opinion. Tebow sucks.

      • avatar Guinnelle

        Who’s the idiot? Love your language you’re all class. As for Tebow. I am not sure I know which NFL team you Quarterback. Since you know so much you must be a NFL Star or head coach.

        • avatar mike

          weak come back

      • avatar jbb

        dude stop hating, u dont win an intense playoff game and throw for 316 if u cant qb..get ur head out of ur ass!

        • avatar LB

          Please refer to LBs response smart guy!

  5. avatar Rob Nacarano

    I see that everyone backs Tebow for what he did last year. It’s a new year now. Ryan said when the Jets traded for Tebow that he would get at least 15-20 snaps and that hasn’t happened yet. Why? He hasn’t done much as a conventional style quarterback (once or twice) or in the wildcat. He’s only executed as a punt protector in Special Teams. What does that tell you? He could be successful in Jaxsonville possibly running the wildcat based on the players they have on offense. If the Jets do trade Tebow this year, they will sign O’Connell and also keep McElroy until next year.

  6. avatar jackson

    Why would the Jets trade him? Your premise is that it has been a failure with the Jets. Wrong. Tebow is a backup qb and Sanchez has not been pulled as starter, so we don’t know how Tebow would do starting as the qb. In the meantime, he has contributed by making first downs to continue drives, and spelling Sanchez at qb–last game he handed off on a 19 yard rushing gain–shades of what he did for McGahee and the Broncos rushing attack. He even recovered an onside kick. Name me another “back-up” qb who has contributed more to his team this year? He’s too valuable as a “football player” at this point. If he replaces Sanchez and can’t get the job done, that’s another story.

  7. avatar Rob Nacarano

    What has Tebow done yet besides what I pointed out? He hasn’t scored a touchdown yet in the red zone and I’d think that was the main reason the Jets brought him in. he hasn’t even ran the ball well yet, either. He’s seeing less plays on offense as the games go along too. Other backup quarterbacks aren’t used like Tebow is, besides Kapernick.

    • avatar jbb

      he hasnt been given a chance yet! 2 plays a game is not enuf stop hatn

  8. avatar Michael

    Tim’s got some work to do but he can still develop as a player. Not everyone drafted out of college is necessarily ready to lead a team to the Super Bowl.

  9. avatar LB

    Hating on Tim Tebow?…… Really?, the guy isn’t a true NFL QB and never will be. Seems to me is the ignorance of a person who thinks time can fix terrible form which he can’t fix, he runs first passes second and can’t hit a crossing route if he was throwing to a semi truck, the guys a great story if you take into perspective he got drafted as a QB in general, but by the way the coach was fired the year after! Stop over thinking and wishing Tebow can play football but what resources does he have an use to make him a pro QB? None!, or he would be one! Introducing the new Brad Smith for the jets number 15, except he can’t return punts or throw the ball as good! Lol!


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