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The 2012 NFL Trade Deadline is just over a day away, and while trade rumors are running rampant in regards to DeAngelo Williams, Steven Jackson, Dwayne Bowe, Steve Smith, and Tim Tebow are all likely to remain with their current NFL teams. While there may be countless rumors about all of these players possibly switching teams at the deadline, none of them are likely to get dealt by tomorrow afternoon.

The Carolina Panthers would love to trade DeAngelo Williams. His contact is an albatross for them as they look to move forward. But his production is down, and no team will be willing to assume Williams’ contract. He will also not restructure a deal, meaning that fans of the Green bay Packers, Arizona Cardinals and others who are seeking an upgrade at the running back position can forget about their dreams of their team acquiring a marquee name back before the deadline.

That will be the case with almost all of the aforementioned players. The Panthers are also receiving calls about Steve Smith, but they are not looking to move him. If they plan on giving Cam Newton any chance to succeed in the passing game, they cannot strip him of his only legitimate No. 1 wide receiver.

Speaking of another wide receiver who is unlikely to get traded before tomorrow’s deadline, look no further than Dwayne Bowe with the Kansas City Chiefs. Now, this deal would make much more sense. Bowe desperately wants out of Kansas City, and the Chiefs are unlikely to bring him back by slapping him with the franchise tag again after this season. The only way they do that is so that they can trade him then. If they feel they can get more in return after the 2012 NFL season, that could very well be the case. The Miami Dolphins remain their most suitable trading partner, whenever they decide the time is right to move him.

As for a running back who may garner a lot of attention around this time of the year, Steven Jackson is also likely to stay put. Jeff Fisher has said that his St. Louis Rams are not trading Jackson, although they have almost guaranteed this will be his last season with the team. To me, it would make sense to try and move him, but it isn’t going to happen.

That is the problem with the NFL Trade Deadline. It is not like the deadlines in the NBA, NHL or even MLB, where many big name players do indeed chance teams in blockbuster trades. It just doesn’t happen in the NFL. Sure, you get a Mike Thomas trade from the Jacksonville Jaguars to the Detroit Lions and, occasionally, a back up quarterback may change uniforms. But overall, the NFL Trade Deadline is all about rumors and speculation.

Not to say it is not something that is not still enjoyable, but I am not trying to get anybody’s hopes up about some big trade that is probably unlikely to happen.

Then again, I have been wrong once or twice in the past. Stay tuned.





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