By Eric Schmidt

The NFL Trade Deadline is looming on Tuesday, October 30th, and there is a good chance the NFL league office might push the deadline back with Hurricane Sandy knocking on the door of New York City. Is there a chance that the Jacksonville Jaguars might trade for either New York Jets QB Tim Tebow or Cleveland Browns QB Colt McCoy?

The Jaguars season is slowly crumbling away, yet again. RB Maurice Jones-Drew had a protracted holdout in the preseason and now his return to the field this season seems in doubt after suffering a foot injury. Rookie WR Justin Blackmon has not provided the spark many expected while free agent WR Laurent Robinson struggles to find the field after concussion issues.

To say that the Jacksonville offense is struggling is an understatement at best. They ranked last in passing offense, averaging just 164 yards per game. They rank 28th in rushing offense with under 90 yards a game on the ground and are scoring just 14 points per game. According to Elias Sports, the Jaguars have now fallen to a 139-140 overall record since joining the league.

Yes, Jacksonville put up a valiant effort against the Green Bay Packers on the road, but is Blaine Gabbert really going to be the answer at quarterback? Chad Henne? Why not bring in Colt McCoy and see if he can lead the Jaguars? McCoy was handed a raw deal in Cleveland with no offensive playmakers surrounding him. Why not bring in Tim Tebow and put fans in the stands?

Face it. No one is going to clamor to come see this current Jacksonville Jaguars team play. They have one win on the season. There might be one or two wins remaining on the schedule for the rest of the year. Maurice Jones-Drew, the real star of this team might not return this season. Adding Tim Tebow to this roster would add fans in the seats.

Tebow has so many questions surrounding him as far as whether or not he can be a quality starting quarterback in the league, but given the locality of the Jaguars, he would give the fanbase excitement. The hardcore Gator faithful would flock to see their hero play for the Jaguars.

Yes, there was a report on Sunday from the New York Daily News suggesting that Tim Tebow would not be traded by the New York Jets. Just so you know, NFL front offices lie. They lie a lot. If the Jaguars ownership calls up and offers the right deal for Tebow, he’s gone. Why keep him?

The Jets brought the Tebow distraction in and have failed to utilize him this season despite all of their issues at the running back position, not to mention, the quarterback position. Move along, despite Woody Johnson’s affinity for the kid. The Jets are going no where this season.

Jacksonville needs to connect with their fanbase. Adding Tim Tebow would greatly improve attendance. This is not a Jacksonville team that is anywhere near reaching the playoffs this year, and likely not next year. Tebow is exciting to watch, he will add fans to the seats and in the end, that’s what owners like.







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  1. avatar JJ Jones

    “Jacksonville needs to connect with their fanbase. Adding Tim Tebow would greatly improve attendance.”

    Ha! Nice try!

  2. avatar Charles Hubbard

    Tebow won when he was talking about Christ and honoring Him.
    Since Tebow sinned against God with NIKE… there’s not much talking about Christ… more insulting Christ with NIKE… and less Tebow.
    I tried to tell him that he would struggle, but he wouldn’t listen.
    When you don’t pay attention to God’s Word and don’t honor God… don’t expect much good to happen in your life.
    Find out more about Tebow’s sin here…

    • avatar David B

      This is the dumbest shit I have ever heard^^^^

      • avatar Eric Schmidt

        Thanks for stopping by and sharing your wisdom.

    • avatar SallyM

      David B is right. I couldn’t have said it better. That is the most intellectually vacant bunch of BS ever.

  3. avatar 5howard491005

    Sadly, the Jets experiment is a bust and Tebow could hardly do worse than Gabbert in Jacksonville. His passing has improved and he just needs a chance to see if he can pull another Denver. what is there to lose for J’ville?

    • avatar Big Beck


      Jacksonville problem is they want to win football games with unknown players. I mean who are the players on this team? Get some players with some type of play history so you can at least get some fan excitement!!! Stop being cheap!!!


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