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The Texas Longhorns continue to struggle with Mack Brown as head coach. While Brown does have a $3.5 million buyout, a school such as Texas would not blink twice over canning a coach over that number if they felt a change was necessary. And while Brown may need to win a couple of his final four games this season to solidify his job, he has said that he will not walk away on his own.

Of course he would not leave on his own. Why retire? Brown still has a contract. If Texas wants to get rid of him, it is going to cost them. Why would Brown leave and receive nothing in return? It wouldn’t make any sense.

The recent history has been long documented. Another blowout loss suffered against the Oklahoma Sooners in the Red River Rivalry certainly did not help squash the rumors. You simply cannot drop a game to the Sooners 63-21 without hearing some rumblings. Not in Texas. Not after the past couple of years.

Not even if you are Brown.

But who would the Longhorns look to replace Brown with if they do decide to get rid of him?

It is Texas, so like they always say, everything is bigger in Texas. The Longhorns are not going to go after an offensive coordinator or defensive coach from another team. They are going to seek the permission to interview some of the top college and perhaps even NFL coaches in the game. With the money they have to throw around, the terms of a deal would not present any difficulty in replacing a legend with another.

So who would Texas go after? Nick Saban? He would not leave Alabama for Texas. What about Urban Meyer? Even he knows how bad it would look to bolt from another school so quickly. How about Chip Kelly? Forget that, as he said his next move from the Oregon Ducks would probably only be to the NFL.

Those are some of the top teams and coaches in the country. If you step down one tier, what about Les Miles? He has more scrutiny than any other head coach with a great track record, so he could be a possibility to try something new. He already has Big 12 experience with the Oklahoma State Cowboys. It could be a good fit.

But the most natural fit may be with another National Championship winning head coach who is also on the hot seat after a disappointing season and a half. He is just two years removed from winning the BCS Championship Game, and he also was part of another national championship team while serving as a defensive coach at Texas. Would it make sense for Texas to fire one great coach and replace him with another one, who also may be fired after this season?

If you feel the answer is yes, then Gene Chizik is your man.

Chizik is on the hot seat with the Auburn Tigers, although he has a buyout rumored to be twice of that of Brown’s with Texas. But the Tigers have struggled over the past couple of years, and many are calling for Chiziik’s dismissal.

Texas has a good coach, leader and recruiter in Brown. But if they do decide that he no longer has it, they could replace him with a man who also possesses many of the same qualities of Brown in Chizik.






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  1. avatar Gerry

    Nick Saban wouldn’t leave Alabama for Texas? Really?!! Alabama only wishes they had the money; popularity; recruiting power; and the great city of Austin which has no comparison whatsoever to Bama. Saban would leave for Austin in a heartbeat…

    • avatar John

      What a surprise another UT BLOWHARD… Saban loves Alabama, keep on wishing, enjoy the next decade of mediocrity.

    • avatar Paul

      I got 37 to 21 reasons Saban wouldn’t take the Texas job.

      • avatar Yo


    • avatar D

      Nick Saban could not do better at Texas, He could right his own check at Alabama and would not be labeled a sell out. Besides , He loves the challenge of recruiting and playing on an even playing feild like the SEC has. Otherwise, He wouldn’t be challenged and the championship would be hollow.


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