By Eric Schmidt

U.S. Olympian Lolo Jones has had her share of controversy in her career, but she has found herself in hot water once again over a Tweet that she sent out. Former Rutgers player, Eric LeGrand sent her a Tweet asking her if she wanted to race him. It’s obvious that Jones had no idea that LeGrand is confined to a wheelchair after receiving a paralyzing hit in a 2010 football game.

LeGrand’s Twitter avatar shows him sitting in a wheel chair. Jones however Tweeted back, “get checked for a concussion. clearly u’ve been hit in the head…cos u arent beating a track athlete.”According to USA Today, when Jones found out that LeGrand was a quadrapalegic, all she commented about was how much hate mail she was going to receive. Way to keep it classy.

LeGrand took the comment in stride and even tweeted her back once the firestorm over her comments erupted and said he took no offense. She responded with “Thx. Getting trashed by tons on ppl glad ur not one of them.”

Jones career has not been without controversy. She has received criticism over her stance on wanting to remain a virgin until she is married, yet has posed nude. Just prior to her race in London this summer at the Olympics, the New York Times printed a scathing article on her, ripping her for her endorsement deals.

LeGrand was signed to a NFL contract this summer by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and his former Rutger coach, Greg Schiano. It was a ceremonial contract, with LeGrand remaining on the Buccaneers roster through the expanded roster period of the offseason.





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  1. avatar Please

    Oh please…the word “taunting” implies intent. She didn’t taunt him…she just used an unfortunate choice of words while tweeting someone she obviously knew nothing about. The media should be ashamed for trying to crucify her over this.


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