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I don’t know if it speaks more to the world of college football or to the society in which we live in as a whole, but the amount of players who continue to call out their head coaches for mistreatment is growing at an alarming rate. The latest comes from Minnesota Golden Gophers leading wide receiver A.J. Barker, who took to Twitter and his website to rip into his head coach, Jerry Kill.

After saying that he as through with Minnesota and playing For Kill, Barker sent a letter to his now former coach, as well as posting what he sent to Kill on his new Tumblr. The letter itself is quite lengthy, so you can click here for the entire transcript of what Barker sent to Kill, but here is an excerpt.

“It’s over.

Thank you for that last bit of motivation I needed to put myself over the top. Thank you for showing me your true colors; that you will stop at nothing to prove you have control over me.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play on your team.  Thank you for “loving” me.  Thank you for proving that with hard work and persistence people can go very far, even if they are less qualified/talented than their competition.  Thank you for not giving me a scholarship. Thank you for providing me with an additional perspective of how to coach a college football team.

Now, in honor of my family and myself I’m done with you for good. In light of that pathetic, manipulative display of rage and love you put on this past Thursday, I have come to the decision, with the guidance of my parents and my closest friends, that my time on this team has come to an end. It kills me that I have to do this before the season’s over, but this is the only way I can protect myself against the manipulation and abuse I’d have to endure from you the rest of this season.”

The letter does get a bit graphic in nature, so be forewarned. But it is a student athlete speaking personally about his true feelings, so it should not be censored. Barker had 30 receptions and seven touchdowns on the season, before missing the past three games. He will now look to transfer for his final season of college football in 2013.





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