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Since the Discover Fan Loyalty Poll launched back in September, college football fans have been in agreement that the Alabama Crimson Tide were the best team in the country. In fact, it was the fans who knew that the Tide were better than teams such as the USC Trojans even before the AP Top 25 and the BCS Standings fell in line. While some of the other teams have fallen in and out of favor, Alabama has remained the No. 1 team in the Discover Fan Loyalty Poll.

Fans also have shown support and allegiance to the Oregon Ducks, as many of them have felt for quite some time that the Ducks are the second best team in the nation, even if the AP and BCS feel differently. In the latest results, the Ducks remain No. 2 behind the Crimson Tide, even though Oregon has fallen to No. 4 in the BCS rankings. A win over USC could improve Oregon’s standings in those two polls, but they will almost certainly remain second behind Alabama in the Discover Fan Loyalty Poll.

Another team who continues to remain among the top three are the Kansas State Wildcats. With Alabama garnering 49 percent of the votes as to which team the fans believe is the best, Oregon and Kansas State are actually tied with 10 percent of the vote each. But the team who is still sort of the Rodney Dangerfield of the Discover Fan Loyalty Poll remains the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

No respect, I tell you. No respect.

So far, there has been no love for the Irish. Not from the fans, at least, even after last week’s impressive win on the road against the Oklahoma Sooners. I will admit that I was a bit skeptical of Notre Dame heading into last Saturday night’s game, but the Fighting Irish made a believer out of me with that huge win. I am not saying that I am ready to anoint them as BCS National Champions, I will admit that they have just as much right to play in that game as of this minute as any of the other top four teams who remain undefeated.

Is this just more SEC bias?

Joking aside, when Notre Dame takes on the Pittsburgh Panthers this afternoon, judging by the results of this week’s poll, many fans of both teams give us mixed results about calling in sick and going to the game, provided they had tickets. When you look at the numbers of fans of the Big East as well as the Independents, some of them make up the largest number of people who would skip work to go to the big game. Others may opt to skip the game altogether. This would certainly lead us to think that regardless of where they played this game, the Fighting Irish would represent much more than the Panthers.

Here is a look at the rest of the results for this week’s latest Discover Fan Loyalty Poll.

The results would also lead us to believe that many fans would skip work to go to the Alabama game this Saturday night against the LSU Tigers. Fans of the SEC are certainly some of the most supportive in the entire country, so logic would lead us to believe that they would do everything in their power to go to the big game. This game tonight between a pair of top five teams may just be the biggest game of the season to this point.

The poll also dictates that ACC fans are most likely to tell the truth about wanting to skip work to go see their team play. The biggest game in that conference this weekend is between the Clemson Tigers and Duke Blue Devils. It is rare that Duke plays an important college football game, but tonight is one of those such cases. They normally just excel in basketball and lacrosse, but tonight’s game will keep them on track to play for the ACC Championship. The same is true of Clemson, who needs to win out to have any chance.

The other big game this weekend involving a top team will be when Kansas State hosts the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Big 12 fans will be all over this game, as it has strong BCS Championship Game implications.

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Just this week, Discover announced another move that will build on its title sponsorship of marquee BCS Bowl games and that will bring to life the Discover Fan Loyalty Poll in an exciting and unique way.

Discover announced it’s giving cardmembers access to exclusive fan experiences leading up to and at the Discover Orange Bowl and Discover BCS National Championship Games.

Starting November 1st, Discover cardmembers only could purchase premium, lower level tickets to both the Discover Orange Bowl and Discover BCS National Championship. With these tickets, cardmembers will also have access to the Discover Tailgate, game day fan zones and a sneak peek at Orange Bowl halftime entertainment.

The 15-week Discover Fan Loyalty Poll is conducted by Rasmussen Reports, a nationally recognized leader in polling, who gathers sentiment by phone from 800 college football fans who follow games at least once per week on television, radio, in person or online.

Discover launched the Fan Loyalty Poll to give die-hard fans a platform to showcase their dedication and love for their favorite college football team leading up to the 2013 Discover BCS National Championship Game and 2013 Discover Orange Bowl. Each week the poll will offer new questions about what college football fans are thinking this season.

Beyond title sponsorship of the 2013 Discover BCS National Championship Game and 2013 Discover Orange Bowl, Discover’s commitment to college football includes relationships with ESPN and Notre Dame Football on NBC.






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