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The most recent Discover Fan Loyalty Poll asked college football fans across the country what they were most thankful for when it came to their favorite team this season. It also asked them who they would have preferred to have sat down to Thanksgiving Day Dinner with this past Thursday, with the players topping the list, over the cheerleaders, band members or mascot. It also turns out that the majority of college football fans are the most thankful for their head coach, even over players on either side of the ball.

Speaking of being thankful, Les Miles must be very thankful for his job as head coach of the LSU Tigers. After leaving the Oklahoma State Cowboys, Miles helped lead the Tigers to a BCS Championship. After spurning an offer from his alma mater last season – the Michigan Wolverines – it appears as if Miles will be with LSU for the long haul.

Of course, that has not prevented other teams from offering Miles a head coaching job at their program. The latest happens to be another team from the SEC, the Arkansas Razorbacks, who are looking to replace John L. Smith after just one season, after he took over for the disgraced Bobby Petrino.

After losing a tough game to LSU, Arkansas made the decision to present an offer of a five year contract to Miles worth roughly $27.5 million. It would make him one of the highest paid coaches in the country, but Miles did just sign a seven year extension in 2011 to remain with LSU. Arkansas has reportedly left the offer on the table and will allow Miles to at least ponder making a move.

Before we look further into this recent development, take a look at the complete results from the latest Discover Fan Loyalty Poll. The following infograph breaks down how fans from different conferences are more thankful for certain players or coaches more than others. I am assuming that LSU is once again very thankful for Miles, after he led the Tigers to a 10-2 regular season record. Granted, they would have been even more thankful had he not taken so many ill-advised gambles that did not pay off in a last minute loss to the Alabama Crimson Tide earlier this month.

As you can see, the fans in the SEC are not the most thankful for their head coaches overall, but with the conference being so deep, it is understandable that the results will vary. While fans of LSU and Alabama are certainly thankful for their head coaches, fans from school such as Kentucky, Tennessee, Auburn and Missouri may feel slightly different.

After checking out the complete results, make sure to weigh in with your own responses at the end of this article. How do you feel about your favorite team? Does your team have a top tier coach who you are quite thankful for, or did they have a down season in which you are more thankful for a certain player? make sure to tell us which is your favorite team in 2012.

As for Miles, he has compiled a record of 85-20 while at LSU, and has finished toward the top of the final BCS Standings in many seasons. If he turned down a job such as Michigan last offseason, it would be very unlikely to see him go anywhere else, including making a move to another SEC school.

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* The 15-week Discover Fan Loyalty Poll is conducted by Rasmussen Reports, a nationally recognized leader in polling, who gathers sentiment by phone from 800 college football fans who follow games at least once per week on television, radio, in person or online.

Discover launched the Fan Loyalty Poll to give die-hard fans a platform to showcase their dedication and love for their favorite college football team leading up to the 2013 Discover BCS National Championship Game and 2013 Discover Orange Bowl. Each week the poll will offer new questions about what college football fans are thinking this season.

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