By Matt Johnson

This picture dictates just how bad the season has gotten for the Jacksonville Jaguars and their fan base. At 1-8 there isn’t much else that could go wrong for this team, they lost their RB Maurice Jones-Drew 4 weeks ago with an ankle injury and he was the only player on this team worth watching.

The Jaguars are now 2 years into the Blaine Gabbert experiment, and while his failures aren’t all on him he hasn’t lived up to the hype that surrounded him entering the draft. He continues to struggle with accuracy on even simple throws. One of the biggest things Gabbert lacks is confidence, and with terrible play calling and limited resources in the receiving game, he won’t find any confidence this season. What will be worth keeping any eye on is the QB situation for the Jaguars starting next week. Gabbert left late in the game against the Colts with a shoulder injury, and was held out despite the fact that he looked more than ready to play. Backup QB Chad Henne actually did well in his absence completing 10 of 16 passes for 121 yards with a touchdown and interception. While Henne is far from a reliable starting QB, it may be time for Mike Mularkey to make a change if he wants to have any chance at keeping his job.

No matter what happens the rest of the way the Jaguars will almost certainly be looking for a new quarterback when the 2013 NFL Draft comes around. Unfortunately for them, what seemed like a promising year before the season with Matt Barkley and Logan Thomas, has turned into a nightmare situation for teams in need of a franchise QB. Thomas has lost most of his draft value if not all, while Barkley has struggled at times this season and went from being a lock for the No.1 pick to a question mark in the Top 10. If Jacksonville decides to go another route with their first pick, they will at least have a chance to boost their defensive front as the 2013 class is one of the best in years.

In the end the Jacksonville Jaguars still have 7 games left to play this season. They have missed out on Tim Tebow three times now, and have struggled to win games and draw in fans because of it. This is an awful football team, and it looks like they may stay that way for a long time.


Matt Johnson

I am a sports writer entering my first year in college. I am also a aspiring sports radio host.

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  1. avatar Rick

    Im sorry but who the fuck are you kid to say Henne can’t start in this league? For a pissant vigin like yourself who has never played the game you sure talk a lot of BS. You know who thinks Henne can play in this peague, HOF QB’s like Dan Marino you stupid fuck. Oh wait I should take my advie from a silver spoon fed bitch who has no idea what he is talkng about.

    • avatar Eric Schmidt

      What a classy and very articulate response. Spell much?


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