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Apparently, everybody in the National Football League wants to be a character from the Transformers. It must be the cool thing to do nowadays.

But I implore the rest of the NFL to stop making Transformers references in regard to which character they feel they most resemble in terms of their dominance. It is time to stop.

The only person to whom I am not referring is Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson. It is not because I like him better or that he is better than everyone else related to the Transformers characters throughout the NFL. Actually, he is, but that is not why I am excusing him from all of this Transformers talk.

Johnson never gave himself the nickname of Megatron. It is not self-proclaimed. he is that dominant on the field, leading others to don him with the Megatron moniker, which is quite fitting.

It is these other wannabe’s who are making me sick. You do not give yourself a nickname. Others give them to you, and they should be earned.

Seattle Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman, known for doing more than his fair share of talking this season, dubbed himself Optimus Prime earlier this season. Coincidentally, that was right before the Seahawks played the Lions.

The Green Bay Packers face the Lions this Sunday. Johnson will likely be covered by Tramon Williams. Any idea which nickname Williams just gave to himself?

I’ll give you three guesses and the first two do not count.

Yes, indeed, Williams said that he is the real Optimus Prime. In fact, he took the reference even further.

“I’m definitely Optimus Prime,” Williams¬†told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I’m the leader of the Autobots. I’m the leader of the young guys right now and when it comes down to the tough battles, I’ll lead those guys out there.”

In the past, Williams and Johnson have traded off in having solid games against each other. Some cornerbacks have done well against Johnson, especially in 2012. Does that mean that they are all Optimus prime?

And what is next? Houston Texans cornerback Jonathan Joseph will be Optimus Prime next week? Maybe Patrick Peterson of the Arizona Cardinals will go a different route and dub himself Voltron. When is enough enough?

All I am saying is that Ronnie Lott never had to call himself Optimus Prime. Nobody called him that. They called him Ronnie Lott. That was enough.

It is a shame that most of today’s players are nothing like Ronnie Lott.

He did all of his talking on the field.





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