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Innocent until proven guilty. That is supposedly still the mantra of the law in the United State of America. But we all know that to rarely be true, especially in the court of public opinion. It is more like the opposite, and is even more so the case when it comes to athletes or entertainers or celebrities of any kind. The latest case comes from the world of NCAA Football and the Pitt Panthers involving the team’s top running back, Ray Graham, and leading wide receiver, Devin Street among those suspected of assault last month.

Graham, Street and the other player involved will all play for the Panthers when they take on the No. 4 team in the current BCS Standings, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

The question is, is Pitt sending the right or wrong message by allowing these players to take the field as normal this Saturday?

I guess that depends on which side you happen to fall on when it comes to perception of innocent until proven guilty, or guilty until proven innocent.

Clearly, we know where the Panthers lie.

We just do not yet know whether or not the players alleged are lying.

Regardless, while their date in court will come, they will continue to play for Pitt while the school investigation is also ongoing. No player has been arrested, but all three have been issued summonses to appear in court on January 9, 2013 for a preliminary hearing.

When the Panthers take on the Fighting Irish, they are going to need ever possible player ready to help them pull off a major upset.

Some people just feel as at least three of them should not be a part.

So, with that being said, should Graham and Street suit up for today’s big game? Where do you fall in this matter?





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