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College football is like the NFL, in a certain way. I am not looking to get anyone in trouble in terms of recruiting violations or improper benefits, but there are many similarities. The NFL can offer financial independence and security to a free agent, while college football programs can offer a chance to showcase your talents to the NFL while earning an education. It is all about sales pitches, with one leading players to the other, provided they do well enough playing college football to make the leap to the NFL.

In a way, they can go hand in hand. Unfortunately, that is not always good.

The Clemson Tigers are finding out that much like in the NFL when a free agent may say he is going to sign with them, but then decides to go to a different team, the same can happen in college football. Like in the NFL, as well as many other times in life, a verbal commitment or oral agreement means absolutely nothing.

As is the case with the No. 1 rated high school player, Robert Nkemdiche, who has reportedly decommitted from Clemson, and has now reopened his recruitment.

His high school football coach has said that Nkemdiche has decommitted from his verbal agreement to play for Clemson starting next season, and is now favored to join his brother, freshman linebacker Denzel, at Ole Miss. This has been the plan all along, at least for the Nkemdiche brothers’ mother, who is apparently heavily influencing the decision.

While Nkemdiche is most likely to sign with Ole Miss eventually, do not count out the Georgia Bulldogs or Alabama Crimson Tide from making a strong sales pitch. If it strictly comes down to their mother’s wishes, then Robert will join his brother at Ole Miss. But if he wants to have perhaps the best chance at rising up the draft boards throughout his college career, he may be better served joining either Georgia or Alabama.

After all, especially in college football, the rich get richer.

Just not from a financial standpoint, but rather a talent aspect.

Nkemdiche immediately makes any recruiting class that much stronger.

Unfortunately, for the tigers, he just weakened Clemson’s next class starting in 2013.

That is the world of college football when it comes to recruiting and decommittments. Your word does not have to mean anything.






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