By Eric Schmidt

NFL fans witnessed one of the wildest weekends in quite some time with a lot of unpredictable wins pulled off this weekend. There have been changes each week this season to the weekly power rankings, and this week is no different as it’s still difficult to get a feel for what is happening with certain teams. As soon as it appears a team is ready to make a strong push for the playoffs, they lay a couple eggs. On the flip side, you have two teams making a bid for post-season play that no one saw coming, the Indianapolis Colts and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

NFL Week 11 Power Rankings

1. Houston Texans- The Texans regain the top spot this week after making a statement on a windy and rainy Soldier Field in Chicago.

2. Atlanta Falcons- The Falcons fell to their divisional opponent, the Saints this Sunday

3. Chicago Bears- The Bears might have pulled off a win Sunday night if Jay Cutler had played the entire game.

4. Denver Broncos- Peyton Manning is playing exceptional football and Denver’s defense is warming up.

5. San Francisco 49ers- A very ugly game in San Francisco, one the Niners should have won handily.

6. Baltimore Ravens- The Ravens play the Steelers twice in their next three games.

7. New England Patriots- Pass defense continues to be an issue, will Aqib Talib help?

8. Seattle Seahawks- Russell Wilson gets better each week, but this team has to learn how to win on the road.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers- We poised to make a playoff push, but any serious shoulder injury to Roethlisberger will derail those plans.

10. Green Bay Packers- Can the Packers overcome the loss of OT Bryan Bulaga?

11. Indianapolis Colts- Andrew Luck proves to be the real deal and 10 wins look like a possibility.

12. New Orleans Saints- The league’s worst defense, but Drew Brees is on fire right now.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Terrible pass defense but the offense is scoring at a record pace currently.

14. Minnesota Vikings- The schedule becomes brutal not with two against Green Bay, two against Chicago and one against the Houston Texans.

15. Dallas Cowboys- Can a late season surge save Jason Garrett’s job?

16. New York Giants- What has happened to Eli Manning and the vaunted pass rush?

17. Washington Redskins- Has Mike Shanahan really given up on this season?

18. Miami Dolphins- Allowed 37 to Tennessee, a team which had 51 points scored on them the previous week?

19. San Diego Chargers- Is this finally going to be the swan song for head coach Norv Turner?

20. Cincinnati Bengals- They stopped the bleeding after dropping three straight at home.

21. Detroit Lions- Stafford tosses three scores and yet the Lions still lose to the Vikings.

22. Philadelphia Eagles- Have we seen the end of Michael Vick in Philadelphia?

23. New York Jets- Will Rex Ryan change his mind about starting Tim Tebow?

24. Arizona Cardinals- So much for that 4-0 start.

25. Tennessee Titans- One of the most inconsistent teams in the NFL currently.

26. Oakland Raiders- Carson Palmer throws for 782 yards and six scores in two weeks but the defense yields 97 points in the same span.

27. St. Louis Rams- They nearly won their first road game of the season.

28. Buffalo Bills- Chan Gailey might want to think about getting some moving boxes.

29. Carolina Panthers- Will Ron Rivera get another season in Carolina?

30. Cleveland Browns- Has the head coaching search started yet?

31. Kansas City Chiefs- 30 turnovers in 9 games?

32. Jacksonville Jaguars- 14 points per game on offense and the 31st ranked passing offense is not getting it done.





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