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The 2012 Atlanta Falcons are currently leading the NFC with a conference best 10-1 record. They have a high powered offense led by Matt Ryan and Roddy White and a defense that adopts a bend-but-don’t-break philosophy at times. They are well on their way to securing a first round bye and clinching the No. 1 seed in the NFC Playoffs.

Sound familiar? It should, as this was the same road that the 2010 falcons went down, only to get blown out of their own building in the divisional round of the playoffs as the No. 1 seed.

I hate to alarm anyone in Atlanta, but I have a sneaky suspicion that the same fate may await them in this season’s playoffs.

Atlanta is 10-1. To earn that mark, you have to be doing something right. But I look at this team, especially as of late, and I just don’t see them competing for a Super Bowl championship. Can the Falcons get to the Super Bowl? Sure. But could they win the top seed and get knocked out of their first playoffs game this year just as easily? Absolutely.

The Falcons have a solid offense and a sturdy defense. Ryan is having a great year, but the turnovers are starting to mount. The Falcons have been able to overcome these turnovers thus far, but that will not last. It can’t. Most teams will not be able to survive turning the ball over three or four or even five times in one game and still come out victorious. It just doesn’t happen.

Especially in the postseason.

As of this minute, Atlanta is the No. 1 seed in the NFC Playoffs. That would set up a divisional round home game against either a team such as the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks or Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It could also include the New Orleans Saints or countless other teams, but these are just some of the possibilities.

I can see Atlanta defeating Seattle at home. Perhaps the Bucs as well, although yesterday was quite a close contest. But I just don’t see Atlanta being able to knock off Chicago, unless injuries continue to take their toll. I don’t see them beating Green Bay either, especially if the Pack can get closer to full health by the time the postseason rolls around.

The Falcons seem more built for the regular season. They showed it last season. They really showed it two years ago. I just don’t see anything that different to make this season’s outcome any different for the Falcons. They may finish 14-2 or 13-3 and win the top seed, but I don’t see them advancing past the divisional round, or the conference championship if they happen to catch a weaker opponent in their first postseason game.





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  1. avatar Falcon Fan

    So its easy to say that the Falcons will repeat what happened 2 years ago, but it takes more attention to detail realize what’s different this time around.

    1. The offensive coordinators and defensive coordinators have changed and are the biggest reason that the Falcons are 10-1. The play calling is a lot less conservative on the offense (Ryan leads the league in yards) and defense scheme is much better (consider how they were able to confuse Peyton Manning)

    2. Matt Ryan is playing with a lot more confidence than in previous years – aka four 4th quarter comebacks to date. This team just believes that they are supposed to win every game, no matter what the score and that’s exactly what they have done

    3. The sign of a good team is one that wins the games that they are expected to and thats what the Falcons keep doing. Look around the league at all of the other teams so called elite teams and check their record. They have all lost to inferior teams on more than one occasion. New England, Houston, Green Bay, NY Giants, San Francisco, etc.

    • avatar falcons number 1

      Thank you Falcon Fan could have not bin said any better!!

  2. avatar falcons 1

    Falcon Fan you took the words right out of my mouth!!

  3. avatar D R Lunsford

    Little girls like this who play unicorn football with their playmates hate the Falcons because they don’t score unicorn points off them and so are made a laughing stock in their unicorn football leagues. But let me run these scores by you… What do they all have in common? 21-10. 15-9. 27-24. 20-14. 7-6. 13-3. 21-17. 7-10.

    Give up? These were 8 of the 14 wins earned by the 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers. Remember them? I thought you did. Oops – the last one is a loss. To the Rams.

    13-3? Really? Yes really. On the road, against the Oilers. Remember Earl Campbell? I do. Stuffed.

    20-14? Surely the vaunted Steelers of 1978 won all their games by three touchdowns! Who managed to hold them to a 20-14 squeaker?

    The New Orleans Saints. With the Steelers at home. By Saints standards at the time, they were having an awesome year. They were 5-4. They were probably pumped up. But they lost anyway.

    After the hard-won victory, the Steelers were 9-1. They lost the next week, 7-10. They were 9-2.

    They were not 10-1.

    OK some more. 14-9, 21-17, 19-16, 24-14, 27-20, 13-6, 22-20, 17-14 (twice), 12-17. Who were those guys?

    That’s right, the 1986 New York Giants. Remember them? Wow they hit hard. After ten weeks they were 9-1. After eleven, they were 9-2.

    They were not 10-1.

  4. avatar Isaac

    See here’s the problem with what you are saying… there isn’t a 2010 Packer team or a 2011 Giant team this year in the 4, 5, or 6. Redskins could easily be the 4th, Seahawks the 5th and Bucs the 6th seed. Which leaves, Falcons #1, 49ers #2, and Packers/Bears #3. Falcons cannot play the 2 or 3 seed. So they will play a 4, 5 or 6 seed.

    I think this article is what you are hoping to happen, not what you think will happen.

    Besides, you named two teams that could beat them. Out of the ten teams looking to get in, only two can beat them? Rise up and put the hate poisen down.

  5. avatar ChicagoDirtyBird

    Don’t get me started! We win the 1 loss we should’ve won and we will Thursday night in our rematch! It doesn’t matter how you win as long as you win!

    2nd we’ve beaten good Ds and Os. Arizona good D Denver good O! We play to the level of our competition. We need to score? Ok we do at will. We need to play D, someone always steps up. This is what winning teams do!

    The turnovers are adding up??? Don’t be a puts. Matt had 1 game with 4-5 picks. 3 of those were tipped at the line and one bobbled by Roddy White. Don’t write this nonsense like he’s throwing up Favre type ducks!

    Keep hating we will keep winning! If you or your team doesn’t believe in us all you gotta do is beat us. Fact is no one has exposed us either! 10-1 and you have doubts give me a break!!!!


  6. avatar TONYT203

    Another ESPN highlights watcher. Do some real research before writing dumb articles.

    The Falcons barely loss to the Saints. What you fail to mention was, that every one of your so called better teams, has at least 1 or 2 blow-out loses this year.

    Giants-26 49ers-3. 49ers-32 Packers-7. 49ers-32 Bears-7. Broncos-31 Bears-3. Vikings-24 49ers-13. Giants-38 Packers-10. Packers-23 Bears-10. Bengals-31 Giants-13.

    Not only are all these teams beatable. They can also be dominated.

    Needless to say. The Falcons chances of making it to New Orleans, are as good or better than any of them.


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