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Casey Matthews is suffering through a miserable season under head coach Andy Reid with the Philadelphia Eagles. After a 3-1 start, the Eagles have dropped seven straight and Reid has lost control of this team. It is all but inevitable that 2012 will be Reid’s final season coaching the eagles, and if that is indeed the case, Matthews has a suggestion for who the next head coach should be in Philadelphia.

Matthews would be happy to see his former college football head coach, Chip Kelly, leave the Oregon Ducks and take over lading the Eagles.

“I think the fans here would love him,” Matthews said Thursday, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. “They would love his attitude, his go-get-it mentality.” Of course, Matthews wasn’t suggesting that the Eagles fire Reid. Nor was he saying that Philadelphia would seek to interview Kelly. But when asked whether or not his college coach would be a good fit in the NFL, and more specifically, with the Eagles, Matthews did not hide his opinion or true feelings.

“The way he carries himself, the way his mindset is, I think they’ll really like him here,” the Eagles linebacker said. “He would crack jokes. When he would talk to reporters at halftime he would give the most sarcastic answers.”

This is not the first time that Kelly has been linked to an NFL head coaching job, as it is no secret that he is eventually looking to leave college football behind for the professional landscape of the NFL. It would have been ideal for Kelly to have won a BCS Championship with the Ducks this season, but their lone loss in overtime to the Stanford Cardinal likely squashed that goal. He does have a strong team returning in Eugene in 2013, so Kelly could decide to remain in Oregon if he wants at least one more crack at winning a national championship before jumping to the NFL.

Then again, if the right job comes calling, Kelly could forego trying to figure out the BCS and take his talents to the NFL.

If that is the case, then Matthews would fully endorse the move to Philadelphia, provided the Eagles do what everyone expects and fires Reid after the 2012 season.






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  1. avatar josh

    Please Fire Reid. I don’t think anyone could do worse


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