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Dez Bryant has a set of rules implemented by the Dallas Cowboys that are intended to keep him out of trouble. They have done this with players in the past, and the rules have produced mixed results.

It appears as if the results are not as mixed when it comes to Bryant.

Bryant was out past his midnight curfew Friday night into Saturday morning, but it was reportedly approved by the Cowboys, who knew of the situation. What they may not have known, however, was that Bryant was spotted at a night club along with former Dallas Mavericks guard Delonte West, who is no stranger to the law himself.

In other words, Bryant is not doing himself any favors with the people with whom he chooses to associate. West has been a head case throughout his entire NBA career, leading the Mavs to release him last week.

At least he has found a way to spend his time off of the basketball court. He clearly has remained the same person as well.

It was a tweet that outed Bryant, West and others at a local Dallas night club. The image was later removed from a DJ’s twitter account, but the damage was done. What I find interesting is that not only did the Cowboys give Bryant permission to stay out past his curfew, but that they also said that security members as well as other Cowboys’ players were with Bryant.

No word as to whether they were with him at the club, or if they had all parted ways earlier in the evening.

The Cowboys are getting ready to travel to face the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday night. Bryant is listed as questionable on this week’s injury report with an injured hip.

That could be partially due to sitting in private booths at clubs for too long. It may have stiffened up a bit, making him an even bigger question mark for tomorrow night’s game.

They say that the rich get richer.

Is it also true to be that the dumb get dumber?

Or in this case, as it relates to Bryant and West, the dumb get dumber with the even dumber?





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