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The Philadelphia Eagles said that the injury suffered by quarterback Michael Vick was “significant,” following his concussion that took place in last week’s loss. It now appears as if that designation was exaggerated by the Eagles, simply to make things look better in case Nick Foles had a big game on Sunday against the Washington Redskins.

If Foles had come in and played a great game, then the Eagles could have said that Vick’s injury was still “significant,” meaning they could keep playing the rookie while Vick continued to sit on the bench and watch. This would have squashed some talk of a quarterback controversy.

After all, Philadelphia has had enough talk about quarterback controversies and coaching dilemmas in 2012. It has been another nightmarish season for the Eagles.

After watching Sunday’s game, a 31-6 loss at the hands of the Redskins, it does not appear as if things will be looking up any time soon either.

Foles, who made his first career start, did not look that great. He completed 21 of 46 passes for 204 yards and no touchdowns. He was also intercepted twice. All in all, it was about the same type of performance turned in by Vick so often this season, minus the rushing yards.

Certainly, Foles did nothing to guarantee himself more playing time going forward. Still, the eagles may want to see what they have in their rookie quarterback, as it seems highly unlikely that they would bring back Vick past this season. I don’t see a point in running him back onto the field if you are going to dump him after this year.

Then again, maybe they want to see him earn some of that ginormous contract that they signed him to a couple of seasons ago. After all, they are still paying him quite handsomely, so why not make him take his lumps?

At this point, especially at 3-7, does it really matter who the Eagles trot out onto the field this season? It is Vick’s last year as quarterback in Philadelphia. It will be Andy Reid’s final season coaching the team. Many of the other coordinators could also be replaced, so does it matter who is on the field for this team over the final six games?

After all, the season is lost. Why not see what you have for the future, because the present is atrocious.





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