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Michael Vick is pointing a finger at the media for the Philadelphia Eagles’ woes throughout the 2012 NFL season. The Eagles are a disappointing 3-4 this season because of the media. It has nothing to do with the poor play calling of Andy Reid. It has nothing to do with all of Vick’s interceptions and fumbles and poor decisions. It has nothing to do with an overrated defense. It is all the fault of the media.

Man up, Michael, and at least share some of the blame with us. We are not the enemy here.

Well, I kind of am. I have never hidden my disgust for Vick both as a player, but more so as a person. I have no respect for him and, seemingly every time he opens his mouth, my already low level of respect actually falls even further.

That was once again the case after Vick’s comments following the Eagles’ practice on Friday.

“You guys create a lot of turmoil for us, sometimes,” Vick said after Friday’s practice. “It’s cool, man. We just got to battle through it. The quieter you all can be, the easier it is for us to concentrate, focus as individuals as a unit, as a team, as an organization.”

Gotcha. It is how the media asks questions about Vick and the Eagles. The media is to blame for the team’s 3-4 record. The media is at fault for the demeanor of Philadelphia on the field and in the locker room. Now it all makes sense.

I guess we just needed that friendly reminder from the most overpaid and overrated athlete currently on any team’s payroll in the National Football League.

I am so glad that Vick was able to clear that up for all of us media folk who are to blame for the Eagles’ problems.

I had forgotten that it was the media who threw eight interceptions in the first six games. I forgot that it was the media who fumbled the ball six times in the first six games. It had completely slipped my mind that it was the media who has created a strained relationship with many of the assistant coaches on the team.

Geesh, we are just everywhere!

So, when the Eagles hit the road to take on the New Orleans Saints this Monday night, it will not be the Saints’ front line who sacks the living crap out of Vick. It also won’t be the fault of the porous Philadelphia offensive line. It will be the media’s fault.

And when Drew Brees torches the Eagles’ secondary, it won’t be Nnamdi Asomugha’s fault. It will be the media.

And, finally, when Vick throws a couple of picks in key situations and fumbles in the red zone, it won’t be his fault, or his linemen’s fault.

It will be out fault.

Well then. If that is the case, let me be the first to officially take credit for the failures of Michael Vick. It has been a long time coming.





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