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As it was reported on The Pigskin Report earlier this morning, the Sporting News conducted a survey of 103 NFL players from 27 different teams and asked them to rank the NFL coaches as far as overrated and underrated. Rex Ryan of the New York Jets was voted by the players as the most overrated NFL coach at this point. In terms of the most underrated NFL coach, the players produced a tie for first place.

Mike Smith of the Atlanta Falcons and Gary Kubiak of the Houston Texans were voted as the most underrated coaches, each receiving 15 votes from the players.

It just so happens that the Falcons and Texans have two of the best records at the midseason portion of the 2012 NFL season. Here is a look at the complete results.

1. Gary Kubiak – Houston Texans – 15
Mike Smith – Atlanta Falcons – 15
3. Tom Coughlin – New York Giants – 11
4. Mike Tomlin – Pittsburgh Steelers – 8
5. Pete Carroll – Seattle Seahawks – 6
6. Lovie Smith – Chicago Bears – 5
7. John Fox – Denver Broncos – 4
Jim Harbaugh – San Francisco 49ers – 4
Joe Philbin – Miami Dolphins – 4
Mike McCarthy – Green Bay Packers – 4
11. John Harbaugh – Baltimore Ravens – 3
Marvin Lewis – Cincinnati Bengals – 3
Greg Schiano – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 3
14. Leslie Frazier – Minnesota Vikings – 2
Andy Reid – Philadelphia Eagles – 2
* Six coaches received one vote

I had quite a few issues wit the players’ most overrated coaches poll. I have even more problems understanding the thought process when it comes to the most underrated.

Kubiak and Smith do not bother me all that much. Granted, many people were calling for their job just a year or two ago after either disappointing regular seasons or poor showings in the playoffs. Still, they deserve to be toward the top of this list.

I have no problem with Coughlin or Tomlin or Carroll either. Smith is also ranked appropriately, considering he has to coach Jay Cutler. But how in the world is Philbin not higher on this list? Look at the roster he has to work with in Miami. That team should not be fighting for a playoff spot. They should be competing to see who gets the pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. He has done a phenomenal job with very little.

What baffles me the most is how many coaches appear on each list. Tomlin, Carroll, both Harbaugh’s and Reid are on both the overrated and underrated list of coaches voted on by the players. I guess they don’t agree much more off the field than they do on it when it comes to their feelings about each other and other coaches.

Of course, does that really come as a surprise?





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