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The Ryan brothers are no strangers to talking big. In fact, they often talk much louder than they play. You know, the whole bark being bigger than the bite type of story. Of course, they get that from their father, although Buddy did win in the National Football League.

Then again, one of them have even won a Super Bowl as a head coach, rather having championship success strictly as defensive coordinators. But that has not stopped them from talking trash, guaranteeing big victories. Buddy did it with the Philadelphia Eagles after leaving the Chicago Bears. Rex did it with the New York Jets after leaving the Baltimore Ravens.

Now, Rob is doing it with the Dallas Cowboys after leaving the Cleveland Browns. The only difference here is that Rob is not the head coach of the Cowboys.

Not yet, at least.

Still it has not stopped him from guaranteeing big victories. In fact, his latest proclamation has Dallas handing the Atlanta Falcons their first loss of the 2012 NFL season.

If you look at the track record of what happens when the Ryan family guarantees wins, it would lead you to rush out and bet everything you own on Atlanta.

The Pigskin Report does not condone gambling.

Still, if past history is any indication of the future, expect the Falcons to come out and destroy the Cowboys, even if Ryan feels differently.

“We need to win now,” Ryan told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “That’s what we’re going to do. I know the record is not what we want it to be, but the ball is bouncing strange ways. When that thing starts evening out, we’re going to be great, and we’re going to keep playing. We’ve got to win this week, and we know it, and we’re going to.”

Sounds like a guarantee to me. And, while playing in Atlanta is no easy task, Ryan will have his Cowboys defense ready to play against Matt Ryan and the explosive Dirty Birds’ offense. His defense has been solid throughout this season. If you don’t believe me, just ask Ryan.

“You know me, I like credit,” Ryan said. “Our guys, they deserve a ton of credit. Our players work their butts off. Our coaching staff, I’m fortunate and blessed to be around the best coaches. This is the best staff I’ve ever been on, and it’s not close. So good things are going to happen to those that work hard. If we just keep working, we’re going to get better.”Despite losing, we’ve lost some really good players, but our guys keep going. We’ve got a whole team in there, not just a few individuals. This is really coming together, and I know we’re going to be special. I think we’re going to be special this week. I really do. I think we’re just starting to get that way, and I believe we’re going to have a special game this week.”

No word as to whether or not Ryan has any explanation of how to get Tony Romo to stop making bad decisions that seemingly cost his team a chance at a victory every week.

Clearly, Jason Garrett has no answer either.

Atlanta is 7-0. Dallas is 3-4.

Simply put, there is a reason for both.

Why would we expect that trend to go down any other way on Sunday Night Football?






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