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Brian Urlacher is painfully honest, which is one of many things I respect about the fierce linebacker for the Chicago Bears. He is a no-nonsense beast who gives it his all during every single play. He tells it like it is and does not hold back any emotions, either during the game or afterward. That, apparently, has upset quite a few Bears fans, although Urlacher would like to relay a message to those offended by what happened during Chicago’s Sunday Night Football loss to the Houston Texans.

After Texans’ safety Danieal Manning – former Chicago teammate of Urlacher’s for years – intercepted Jay Cutler in the first quarter, Urlacher was seen shaking his hand or giving him a quick congratulatory hand slap. That drew the ire of more than a handful of Bears fans, to which Urlacher had a message for during his appearance on The Waddle & Silvy Show.

“That was a nice play,” Urlacher said. “I could give a crap about what people think on the street. Get mad at me all you want, I could give … I could give a crap about what people say. Danieal Manning is a friend of mine, he was a teammate for five or six years, and that’s the way it is. He made a catch and was running toward the sideline to say something to Coach, so I walked out there.

“The guy had a good game, he caused a fumble, had a pick. He’s my friend. I wish he wouldn’t have caught it, but he did, so nice play to you. I don’t give a crap about what fans or people say, they can kiss my butt. I don’t care.

“When the ball is snapped I want to tackle the other guy, the other team is my enemy. I don’t want any part of being a friend. I’m not going to take it easy on the guy when he catches the football and not try and hit him because he’s a friend of mine. It doesn’t happen. Take [former Bears and current Panthers tight end] Greg Olsen. If he catches the ball I’m going to try and [tackle him]. He knows that, and he’s going to try and make me miss. And Greg is a good friend of mine as well.

“When the play is over, it’s over. It’s not like I have to go out there and be a jerk to him because it’s during the game and I’m a tough guy. That’s not the way it is. They’re my friends. Between the whistles I’m going to try and get them, and when the play is over we’ll go back to doing whatever.

“It’s just dumb that people think that. ‘Why did you help that guy up after you tackled him?’ Because I wanted to. What’s the big deal? ‘Butkus would have never done that.’ Well, I’m not Dick Butkus. I’m Brian Urlacher, and sometimes I help people up. Sorry if that [ticks] you off.”

I happen to agree with Urlacher 100 percent on this one, regardless of how certain Bears’ fans will perceive these comments. Yes, it is during a game, but not during a play. Nobody is as much of a competitor as Urlacher, and anyone who questions anything about him because of this truly does not know him, and also further proves their ignorance.

Yes, it is a game. It was a big game for the Bears. They lost. Cutler threw the interception. Not Manning. If you are going to be mad at anyone, how about aiming your anger toward Cutler, or the offensive line. Not Urlacher.

This is just another case of where some fans need to learn that there are other things in life more important than football. As much as I love the game, having played for years, watched since I was 5 and covered for nearly 20 years, even I realize that it is still just a game.

Urlacher is right in giving a crap what people think. I certainly feel the same way.






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  1. avatar KODETS

    If player Urlacher didn’t cave a “Player’s Coach” like Lovie Smith, he wouldn’y have had a mind to congratulate the opposition. Say Lombardi, Landry, or Buddy Ryan were his coach. Would Urlacher have the same mindset? Urlacher should care more about his CURRENT teammates than his FORMER teammates. The same Texan defense that Urlacher shook hands with knocker Cutler out with a concussion! Maybe instead of attacking Cutler again, as you suggest, Urlacher should be a Bear. Urlacher’s own performance against the Texans was horrible: run through and one-armed missed tackles that are typicalof the “Most Overrrated Player in the N.F.L.”

  2. avatar Kit

    Need a hell of a lot more players like Urlacher! It’s funny how one fellow Bears fan stated Butkus would not have done that but yet this fan obviously fails to remember the other massively great Bear i.e. “Walter Payton” who did frequently help other players up and pat them. Urlacher is on the bull’s-eye in how he conducts himself. Any fan that can’t see the sportsmanship in this really needs to evaluate their own life and stop criticizing others that have it on par! “Da’ Bears!” #1.


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