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After watching the Chicago Bears fall at home to the Houston Texans, one thing was quite obvious. As good as the Bears’ vaunted defense is, it will not be enough to win them a Super Bowl in 2012. The offense will have to pick things up to at least keep opposing defenses honest. But with the questionable status of embattled quarterback Jay Cutler, and the inability to stick with the run game at times, the Bears will need to do something on offense if they are to seriously contend for the Lombardi Trophy this season.

One other thing we learned last night is that the Soldier Field faithful are less than pleased with Chicago tight end, Kellen Davis. Whether it was his drop or failure to make a big play, the Bears’ fans booed him mercilessly. Right now, I am sure that Chicago is regretting the decision to let Greg Olsen go to the Carolina Panthers. While the former Miami Hurricanes standout never became quite the player many had projected coming out of college, Olsen was a far more serviceable tight end than is Davis.

Speaking of former Panthers and Hurricanes tight ends, there happens to be one who is still an unrestricted free agent. He played in Carolina last season, and played quite well with a rookie quarterback and little other options on offense. He has had his fair share of issues with dealing with authority, but he can make an impact on the field.

Of course, the player to whom I am referring is Jeremy Shockey.

It may not be the most popular opinion out there, but it could be a perfect fit. Shockey may be a valuable asset for the Bears on offense, as well as on the sidelines. Sure, he can be a bit of an enigma, but if Cutler can survive in The Windy City, then surely Shockey can do the same.

Shockey is a winner. He has been on championship teams at every level and would fit in well with a team who needs a spark. Shockey is the type of player who can fire up his teammates on the sidelines and on the field. He may not be the same player he was with the New York Giants, New Orleans Saints or even last year with the Panthers.

But can you tell me one person who would not view him as an upgrade over Davis?

Personally, I could not think of a better fit that could pay immediate dividends for the Bears in their quest to bring the Super Bowl championship back to Chicago.





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  1. avatar Austin


  2. avatar Rob

    Yes. The Kellan Davis experiment is over.

  3. avatar Ray

    After the game. I did the research & was stunned to see Shockey available. How can we gets this info to Lovie. The Bears need a tight end BIG TIME.

  4. avatar Anakin

    yes get him

  5. avatar Diana Roberts

    Saints fans still miss Shockey. He was 4th overall in yardage the year the Saints management, in their infinite wisdom, decided to reward his valiant leadership in getting us to our first Superbowl win with a release. The mentorship he pr
    ovided to Jimmy Graham, his superb blocking, those spectacular catches, his enthusiasm, his energy, all these things made him hugely popular with fans as well. Yeah, he leaves a void. “Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” is playing in my head now…

  6. avatar Keith Koblick

    Another former Hurricane TE is also available, Kellen Winslow!


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