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Leslie Frazier seems like a perfectly nice guy. He is in his second season as the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings and, after a very surprisingly successful start to the 2012 NFL season, it is now looking as if Frazier is afraid of success. He is either afraid of success for both the Vikings as well as Adrian Peterson, or he just has no idea as to how momentum and football both go together.

Never was that more evident than in yesterday’s 30-20 loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

In the first half, Peterson was running as well as he has in quite some time. It should come as no surprise, as he is one of the most gifted running backs to play the game in quite some time. Sure, he tore up multiple ligaments in his knee last year, only to return quicker and faster and stronger than most would have believed, but Peterson is a freak of nature.

And I mean that in the most complimentary of ways. I don’t know many people who could do what Peterson has done in such a short recovery time. This man is clearly blessed from an athletic standpoint.

Why is Frazier the only person struggling with this concept?

Peterson had 12 carries that he turned in for 144 yards and two touchdowns… in the first quarter and a half. At the end of the first half, the Vikings trailed the Seahawks 20-17. They were playing well in a hostile road environment, and it appeared as if it would be a great second half to watch.

Then Frazier had to step in and ruin those plans.

Peterson received just five more carries throughout the rest of the game. He finished with 17 carries for 182 yards. That means that while the majority of his stats came in the first half, he still put up numbers that were more than respectable in the second half, rushing for 38 more yards on just five carries.

So, tell me why this man did not touch the ball at least 25 times on Sunday?

I understand that Peterson is dinged up. Not just from last season’s major injury, but as well as from hits this season. This is the National Football League. It is Week 9 of the season. Every player is dinged up at this point. It is not as if it has hindered Peterson on the field. In fact, he only seems to get better each week.

But Frazier and the Vikings’ offensive play callers continue to take the ball out of his hands. Even worse, that means that they put the ball in the hands of Christian Ponder. That is clearly not a recipe for success.

More like a recipe for disaster.

Sunday was no different, as Ponder completed 11 of 22 passes for a measly 62 yards and an interception. Percy Harvin struggled through various injuries, and he was clearly not his usual explosive self, but Minnesota once again failed to get their other top receiving option in Kyle Rudolph into the game plan. This is three or four straight weeks now.

The Vikings were not expected to be a very good football tam this season, which is good, because they have not resembled one for the past month. Thanks to Frazier, that should not change in the near future.





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Readers Comments (7)

  1. avatar Rich

    I agree, Frazier, Musgrave and Ponder need to go. I don’t understand the offense, the best running back in the league, one of the best wide receivers in Harwin, and the Vikings fail again. I don’t see them winning any more games this year. All the rookie quarterbacks are doing great, so Ponder that!

  2. avatar L. Thompson

    Frazier does not appear to be an active participant during the game. Rarely do you see him interacting with the players or others … or even talking for that matter. That is so odd. The TV cameras pan to him often and there have been times during the whole course of the game where he never talks. Sorry, but he seems to be over his head in this leadership role.

  3. avatar j christian

    Rob, terrific article. I wish more sports journalists would be right up front and open as this article demonsrated.

  4. avatar T. Mcghee

    How many offensive plays did the vikings have in the second half? This could explain the 5 carries during that time especially if a team needs to play catch up. Please in the future paint the entire picture instead of just blurting out what makes you look like you know what your talking about. For example: in the 3rd quarter out of the 9 plays that it is normal to hand the ball off (not a 3rd and 6+ or a punting/FG situation) he got the ball 4 times. In the fourth quarter he got the ball 2/8 times (one was a pass to him, which im okay with) If anything I have a problem with just the 4th quarter usage of him, but to be fair who is to say that two or 3 more carries would have brought us home a W. The game was lost because Ponder couldn’t be average. Not because A.D didn’t run more. Although it certainly could have helped.

    • avatar Dan

      Well they would’ve had more plays if they had given AP the ball more. That’s the problem with the whole momentum crushing ability Frazier seems to have. The defense is suffering now and you can see it. They are sick of carrying the load. That Cardinals game was the warning sign. My guess at the start of the year was 6-10 and I thought they were gonna make me eat my words, now I don’t know.

      • avatar T. McGhee

        That certainly could have been the case. Although he was stuffed for 1 yard losses in the second half also, so who is to say that the outcome would have been any different. Look, I agree A.D likely would have only helped us if he had gotten the ball every single play in the second half, but he shouldn’t have to haul the football and Ponder to wins all on his own (obviously our O-line deserves a lot of credit too) Like I said, Ponder giving the average production of a normal starting qb and we win that game likely.

  5. avatar Don

    Blame the coaching staff and the front office. They are way over their heads when it comes to selecting coaches. If I was a season ticket holder I would boycott the rest of the games. Ticket holders should walk out of the stadium if they continue palying the way they do. The owner does not care but only cares about the almighty $$ just like those that are representing us in Washington. Stick it to the fans and stick it to the taxpayers. Fire the whole coaching staff and quit being so PC. You don’t do the job you are terminated. Hire a person that has some quality experience and is not scared to stick his/her neck out like Hilary Clinton.


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