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When the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, there will be a lot at stake for both teams. At a disappointing 3-5 record, both teams trail the New York Giants in the NFC East by 2.5 games at the midway point in the 2012 NFL season. With both teams having Super Bowl aspirations entering this year, things have not gone at all according to plan.

With that being said, could the losing head coach be fired shortly after the game?

Andy Reid and Jason Garrett may not want to hear it, but they may be coaching for their jobs on Sunday against one another.

Truth be told, neither coach is likely to remain with their respective teams past this season as things currently stand. Unless the Eagles and/or Cowboys can drastically turn things around on the field and in the locker room, their fate appears to be sealed. In all likelihood, both men will coach out the remainder of the 2012 regular season, fail to qualify for the playoffs, and fail to hold onto their jobs.

But could it happen quicker?

The more likely scenario of this taking place would be if the Eagles defeat the Cowboys. The game is in Philadelphia, for what that is worth. At this point, the way the Eagles have been playing and with how the fans treat them even in decent seasons, playing at home may no longer even be much of an advantage for the Eagles. Especially if they struggle, or as soon as Michael Vick is sacked for the fifth or sixth time or throws his second interception in the red zone.

The reason I say that Garrett is the more likely coach to get fired during the season is because of Philadelphia owner Jeffrey Lurie’s undying loyalty to Reid. I am no longer saying that his support for Reid is unwavering, but out of respect, I would be utterly shocked if Lurie were to let go of Reid before the end of the season. Regardless of whether or not the Eagles win this game, it appears as if they will be on the outside looking in when it comes to the NFL Playoffs. Changing head coaches during the middle of the season is unlikely to change that.

Dallas owner Jerry Jones, however, is a bit more of a loose cannon. He has first said that he would fire the general manager considering how poorly things have gone this season, but then, after reminding people that he is the general manager, Jones said that would never change. But when you consider how many coaches have been hired and fired under Jones, Garrett certainly could be what changes in Big D.

And it could happen as soon as after this game on Sunday against the Eagles, especially if the Cowboys come out flat or lose another divisional contest.

While it is often referred to on the Monday following the final Sunday of the regular season, for Garrett, this Monday could be Black Monday.





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