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In a year that began with the team owner saying that another 8-8 season wouldn’t be enough for Andy Reid to keep his job and the starting quarterback claiming that the Eagles were about to be a dynasty, a 3-8 start with seven consecutive losses surely wasn’t the way the long-time Philly head coach drew things up.

So if team owner Jeffrey Lurie is true to his word and lets Andy Reid go between now and the beginning of the 2013 season, what is next for the veteran coach?

Let’s be truthful here, a change of scenery just might be what Andy Reid needs and a coach of his caliber will be available for all of twelve minutes before he is hit with multiple offers of another head coaching jobs. There could be some prime spots opening up before the beginning of next year and Reid will likely have is pick. Who could those teams be? Let’s take a look.

San Diego Chargers

A team like the Chargers, that have a way more talented roster than the product on the field shows right now, could benefit greatly from a coaching change. It was quite clear to me last week on the 4th & 29 play they gave up that would have won the game for them that they have clearly quit on Norv Turner. If he is finally relieved of duty at season’s end, this could be at the top of Reid’s wishlist.

He has a good quarterback and plenty of offensive weapons to work with, an owner who isn’t scared to spend money of free agents, a fan base that will be rejuvenated with the firing of Turner and, after all, it’s California. I’d be willing to bet Reid jumps all over this offer if it’s made.

Dallas Cowboys

If Dallas misses the playoffs, as I think they will, the Jason Garrett experiment is probably in its final days. Jerry Jones has begun to give his “vote of confidence” to his head coach publicly now, just as he has for every coach he’s ever fired.

If it happens, Jerry would love to snag the head coach of Dallas’ division rival. He’s accomplished, coached in a Super Bowl and has the patience to deal with an owner like Jones. It also gives him the opportunity to put it on his former team twice per season with a team that will pay for good players.

Kansas City Chiefs

To put it simply, the Chiefs are a dumpster fire. And the only way I could see Reid headed there when Crennel gets the ax is if he is offered full control. That means he picks the general manager and coaching staff as well as having pretty much all of the say on the roster. If Reid decides he wants to build his own team from scratch instead of using another coaches “groceries,” a rebuilding team like KC fits that bill.

Buffalo Bills

I think it’s a fair assumption that Chan Gailey has worn out his welcome in Buffalo. He’s supposed to be an offensive wizard, yet he seems to be too think-headed to realize how good of a running game he has. I think Reid choosing Buffalo would be a long shot, but they’re close to a playoff team on roster talent alone. A few tweaks here and there, as well as some scheme changes and they could make some noise in the AFC East.

Some other teams that might come calling are Jacksonville, Cleveland, and Arizona. I’ll also put an outside chance on the Jets, if Woody Johnson is bluffing in his Rex Ryan support, and New Orleans if they somehow let Sean Payton get away. But my money is on San Diego or Dallas for the time being.

Who knows, Lurie might decide to give it one more go with Reid. But I’m seriously doubting it. The fans in Philadelphia have turned on him and it simply just seems like it’s time to turn the page.




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  1. avatar BoxerShepherd

    what a terrible year for my team. I will be sad too see andy go but I guess its time. I just hope andy doesn’t go to rival dallas


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