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Jimmy Johnson was a lot of things. He was an outstanding head coach of the Miami Hurricanes in college as he led them to multiple National Championships. He was a fantastic head coach of the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL in leading them to multiple Super Bowl championships. He failed to deliver with the Miami Dolphins, proving that he was only in it for the money and not doing much of anything in South Beach. He is now a decent analyst for FOX on their pregame show and during halftime.

But after his suggestion for the Arkansas Razorbacks football program, it is also clear what else Johnson is now.

An idiot.

I said it, and I’ll say it again. Johnson is an idiot. Here is a man who would appear to place winning above everything else, including morality, even though he proved he was not at all committed to winning with the Dolphins. That was all about the paychecks. But for Johnson to suggest that the Razorbacks hire back former disgraced head coach Bobby Petrino proves what Johnson really is in my opinion.

Like I said, he is an idiot.

For one idiot to suggest that a school who is trying to run a clean program and do things the right way bring back another idiot is, well, idiotic.

I respect Arkansas for what they did when they fired Petrino. I respected them a lot for that decision, and I highly doubt that they would ever even think twice about rehiring him to coach the Hogs. If that were to become true, I would lose all respect for them as a school and program going forward. I just don’t see that being the case.

But in case you missed it, here is what Johnson told Sirius XM radio.

“If they want an outstanding coach they ought to bring back Petrino or hire Butch Davis,” Johnson told Sirius XM. “And people say, ‘How in the world can you bring back Petrino?’ I said, ‘Listen, you forgave Bill Clinton.’ Forgive the man. Forgive the man for making a bad decision. Give him an opportunity to coach again? He wants to get back into coaching and he’s a great coach and he made a mistake. This whole country, it’s built on forgiving people and giving them second chances. And I think the fanbase would love to bring him back. But if they don’t bring him back? Butch Davis, give him an opportunity.”

An opportunity? Forgive? Second chance? How many chances do coaches such as Petrino and Davis deserve?

Sure, both are good college football coaches. Johnson is correct about that. We won’t talk about their coaching days in the NFL, or the scandals that came about under their watch in college, or the shame they brought to their programs. We eon’t talk about the many chances these coaches have received to do the right thing, only to show poor morals and ethics with each position

When is enough enough?

Apparently for Johnson, that time has still not quite yet come.

Arkansas did what many schools have been afraid to do in the past, which is not only take power away from a head college football coach with a major university, but they sent a message and removed the person altogether. For that, I admire and respect them.

For Johnson, while I already had little respect or admiration left for him, that was all completely lost when he suggested the Hogs hire back Petrino, who, in my mind, is a horrible, despicable excuse for a man.

Perhaps it takes one to know one.





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  1. avatar bo mcelya

    As a lifelong Razorback fan (56 yr. old) I hurt deeply with the ADs decision to terminate Petrino but agreed with it 100%. To suggest bringing him back is idiotic. We will wind up playing against him in the future I’m quite sure , and it will speak volumes about the integrity of the SEC school team that hires him. He’s a great offensive football coach , but an even more offensive human being!

  2. avatar Danny Smith

    I agree with Johnson but Petrino won’t be brought back. If the U of A lawyers could have made the liability associated with hiring Ms Jessica go away then he would not have been fired. They couldn’t! Couldn’t even get close!!! Thee was no other chose but to fire him. Nevertheless we can wish him all the best. He was good for Razorback Football.

  3. avatar Al

    We have a whole country full of them. (Idiots.) How can you expect our country to be better by re-electing the guy who caused all the problems and then blames someone else?

    • avatar Gary

      Al you are the bigger idiot!

      • avatar Rick

        I agree, Gary. Al is a derp…

        • avatar Al is da man

          Al, you are right on man!

    • avatar bo mcelya

      Al you are not only an idiot you are also stupid. This is a sports site not a political site.

  4. avatar Finney

    Johnson’s comments are not surprising. After all, he dumped his wife when he got the Dallas job stating that he wanted to devote all his time to coaching. Shortly afterwards, he appeared publically with a babe. He’s not an idiot, but he does lack character.

  5. avatar Omahahog

    I just lost any respect I had for Jimmy Johnson, which wasn’t a whole lot to begin with.

  6. avatar Mike Slay

    Who is a idiot. The moron that wrote this? Some people just can’t take hard facts. I would not have thought that much about it, but you know Bill Clinton is as sorry peice a $h!t that ever lived. And the people put him back in office because as a liberal he gave them something for nothing. (Just like the current peice of $h!t) But running our country is not as important as running a football team? What kind of statement is that. Someone here needs to decide which side they stand on.

    • avatar bo mcelya

      Read my above reply to Al. Ditto for you.

  7. avatar Hogbilly

    Clinton was never put back in office. Petrino caused so much damage to the school, his players, and the fans, his name should be stricken forever. How can someone suggest going back when we have the future to think about. Agreed he was a pretty good play caller but, there are better MEN available who would LEAD this team. We are seeing what the lack of principle and ethics of ONE person can do to the lives of MANY. GO HOGS BEAT the COCKS. WOOOOOOO PIG SOOIE, RAZORBACKS !!!!!!

  8. avatar VanF

    You guys need a life…
    This is why I left Arkansas when I was 17 yrs old. And I never looked back. I did make the mistake of going back for my 30th school reunion..
    Wake up. Football is ruled by greed, not the ten commandments. Sorry as that is.
    I feel for the players.. it all is a no win deal. Peterson is not the answer. write it down for the years to come.
    Ark. needs defense. It boils down to If’s and Butts. If a frog had hips he could wear guns and not be afraid of snakes.

  9. avatar bigphil

    my guess is that all you do-gooders sing the praises of forgiveness on the front row of church every sunday.unfortunately the rest of us who actually know something about football are punished because of your sanctamony! mike alden of mu handled to pinkel situation with class and dignity………….and guess what? the program at mizzou is ok. it isn’t crippled because of lack of integrity. thanks for the next 20 years of jack crow, danny ford football.


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