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The Jacksonville Jaguars have fired GM Gene Smith, and many expect that team owner Shahid Khan will demand that the first job of the new general manager will be to trade for or to acquire Tim Tebow. Khan more or less said as much when asked if he wanted to trade for Tebow prior to last season.

Khan thanked Smith for his work, but acknowledged that this team needs to win now.

Whether he truly believes that Tebow can change that remains to be seen. But Khan is a smart businessman who knows that if nothing else, Tebow will drastically help improve the ticket sales of the Jaguars in 2013.

“Now it is time for the Jacksonville Jaguars to begin a new chapter,” Khan said in the statement. “We’re not looking back. I’ve made it clear from Day 1 that we pledge nothing less than to deliver the first Super Bowl championship to Jacksonville. Our fans have been remarkably loyal over the years, and they were truly outstanding this past season. We simply must do better for our fans.”

Smith was not a Khan guy from the beginning. When former owner Wayne Weaver sold the Jags to Khan, he convinced him to retain Smith for at least one full season. Khan chose to honor that request, but did not wait long after to let him go. It remains to be seen what fate head coach Mike Mularkey will have once a new general manager is named.

The Jags have many glaring holes, but will have the No. 2 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.  They will also face a large question mark in terms of what to do with running back Maurice Jones-Drew going forward. While becoming a  general manager is always a good thing, whoever accepts the job in Jacksonville will have their work cut out for them.

Especially if Khan insists on Tebow as the starting quarterback.

Good luck with that one.





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  1. avatar WR Doyle

    “Good luck with that one…,” you write, sneeringly. As if Tebow has never accomplished anything in his football career (beat #1 defense in playoffs, crunch time brilliance, has overall winning record) …as if the Jags would be better off with any other QB but him…as if having a player who inspires people and is a rock-solid role model is useless in the NFL.

    When entrusted by a team to be its QB, Tebow has won and had great success at all levels.

    All of you snide “experts” who harbor animosity against Tebow for reasons other than football have been wrong before and you will be wrong again.

    • avatar Mav

      Well said.

    • avatar Tuan Vu

      Yes, well said. I agree.

    • avatar Terry F

      I absolutely agree. I wish they would announce it soon. Give all of us a happy new year and sign Tebow now!

    • avatar Denis

      I agree … It is unfortunate that an athlete of such a high caliber has be discounted simply because of his religion. I hear these dumb a _ _ es on television that laugh about Tebow; however, it’s the same boobs that said New England would have a really hard time when they first played the Texans … I guess 42 to 14 was tough, just saying. These morons have no clue and Tebow, if used properly (Something Rex Ryan knows nothing about), would be an excellent asset to any team.

  2. avatar Boe

    Bring Tebow home watch this team make the playoffs! I want Tebow!

  3. avatar brandon757


  4. avatar brandon757

    Tim Tebow has a winning record. Nough said

  5. avatar Alex Myers

    Can you imagine the firestorm that will hit the sports pages if Tim Tebow is acquired by the Jags and made the starting QB? If Shahid Khan is able to work a deal and bring Tim to the Jags, will he then give head coach Mike Mularkey the boot or keep him on is the next big question. If Mularkey is let go then who would replace him as the head coach? I guess It would be unrealistic optimism to hope Jon Gruden would take the job. During a question and answer interview Mr. Gruden made these comments about Tim Tebow. Q: The spread is being run in high schools and colleges, is it possible it could be a base offense in the NFL one day?

    A: “No question. The hard part is, you have to isolate the option. That’s why Tim Tebow is so interesting to me. He’s like Brandon Jacobs playing quarterback. He’s 250 pounds. He’s the strongest human being who’s ever played the quarterback position. Ever. He will kick the living [expletive] out of a defensive lineman. He’ll fight anybody. He is rare. Tebow is the kind of guy who could revolutionize the game. He’s the ‘wildcat’ who can throw. With Tim Tebow at the helm the Denver Broncos were the #1 Rushing Offense of 2011, because they averaged 164.5 Rushing Yards Per Game.

  6. avatar Burt Masters

    Bring Tim Tebow home to Florida now! The Jags need to start rebuilding the team from the ground up around a positive, exciting quarterback and Tim Tebow fits the bill. Tebow has been wasted up in New York. Put him in as a starting quarterback and let him run. His talent needs to be turned loose. Jags fans need something to cheer about in the New Year. Go Jags!

  7. avatar Bobby Roberts

    If Tebow goes to Jacksonville I will become an instant fan. I live in Knoxville but will travel to Jacksonville to watch him play. Those ignorant writers that claim Tebow can not play have no facts to back it up. Look at his past facts. QBR better than a lot of starters now. Wins wherever plays, remember the Alabama/Florida SEC championship his sophomore year he put the ball where only his recievers could catch it. Pass for 300 yards his first start. Pull Denver from the bottom to lead them to the playoffs and beat the best defense last year. Does whatever the team ask of him. Great leader and role model that Kids and fans can really cheer for. Puts Christ first. So until he gets a chance to pro himself (again) or prove he can not sustain it long term you so called experts with no facts – shut up.

    • avatar Gatorabbie

      Thank you!!! I am so sick and tired of these idiots, who don’t like Tim’s faith and openness about his faith, who constantly say that he isn’t a good quarterback. Look at what he did for Denver. Rex Ryan is an idiot who has failed to use this valuable resource. Let’s get Tim back home and use his abilities to build our team.

  8. avatar Ronald Tee Johnson

    It is Tebow time. If the Jags put in an offence similar to the one they cooked up for RGIII Tim will lead Jacksonville to the playoffs in the first year and to a Super Bowl win in 2-3 years. Afterall, all he does is win. Oh, yeah, Gruden – please get with Tim and make football history.

  9. avatar Bryan S

    Can anyone tell me what the difference is between Tim Tebow and Vince Young? Both are “winners”, both have horrible QB mechanics.

  10. avatar Tom carroll

    Tim would be great for ticket sales that is for sure.He would be home again that is good for community.He is able to motivate the best in the other players and coachs around him.
    However He will not do well till the Jags inprove front line offensive and defensive.All our qb could fight for job and use wildcat offense what kind of back field would it be if we had two or three qb lined up in on the field. most would agree the qb are the best ath.on the field. lets see if that is true.Get imagine with the offense useing the pass to one qb to another then down field to a 3rd or whoever keep the def. guessing.It would be fun while we rebuild.Lets not fool ourself we do not have a Andrew Luck, who can step in and make plays read the def etc. so lets have fun


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