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Brandon Carr has been through a lot over the past week. Two weekends ago, Carr found out that one of his former teammates when he played with the Kansas City Chiefs, Jovan Belcher, shot and killed the mother of his child, and then took his own life. Exactly one week later, Carr found out that current Dallas Cowboys’ teammate Josh Brent was responsible as the intoxicated river who was behind the wheel of the car that killed Jerry Brown, also a member of the Cowboys’ squad.

For any person to have to go through that much in the span of one week is almost unfathomable. For Carr to then go out and play one of the best games of his career is inspirational.

Carr had an interception and a big return that helped spark a late fourth quarter comeback that helped the Cowboys erase a 10 point deficit on the road to defeat the Cincinnati Bengals in a game that was as close to a must win as a game can get.

“That interception was for a lot of heavy hearts, including mine,” Carr said. “It’s for everybody who’s grieving right now.”

That interception goes beyond the Cowboys’ playoff chances. It goes beyond the fans who are rooting to see their team back in the postseason. It goes beyond whether or not Jason Garrett will save his job as head coach. As Carr said, that interception goes for anyone who is grieving.

It goes out to the folks in Dallas and Kansas City, and the families of those involved in a pair of senseless crimes. It goes out to anyone who has loved ones and does not know just how lucky they are to be able to tell them how they truly feel and tell them how much they love them and how much they mean. It goes well beyond football.

I am not a Cowboys fan. For that matter, I am not a Chiefs fan either.

But yesterday, I was certainly a Brandon Carr fan.

We all should have been.

For it was Carr who showed us all once again that, in the whole grand scheme of things, football means very little.

But it can help us feel better.





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