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When Rex Ryan finally had the stones to bench the disaster that has been Mark Sanchez and name a new starter, the national media went nuts. Why? Well because it meant “Tebow Time” was about to take over the big apple, right? Not so fast, my friend. Ryan names third string quarterback Greg McElroy his starter for this Sunday against the Chargers

This comes just three weeks after McElroy led a victory over Arizona when he relieved Sanchez of his duties in the second half. While it isn’t surprising that Sanchez wasn’t going to suddenly fix all of his problems, it is a bit of a surprise that coach Ryan stuck with Sanchez when, remarkably, the Jets still had an outside shot at a playoff spot.

For fans outside of the SEC, you’d probably never even heard of former Alabama star Greg McElroy before he got in the game less than a month ago. And how would you? All we’ve heard about all season was TIm Tebow and when he’d get his shot to run the anemic Jets offense. Yes, I’ve never heard so much about a player who has only taken eight snaps all season in all my years of watching this great game. But I think this shows what the acquisition of Tebow was all about; publicity.

With the team struggling this bad and looking for any kind of spark that they can, you’d think they wouldn’t mind firing up their fan base and getting the national spotlight by just letting the guy play. I’m still in the camp that believe Tim Tebow sets the quarterback position back 50 years, but what have the Jets got to lose? Sanchez has turned the ball over fifty times the past two seasons. FIFTY! How could Tebow do any worse?

Personally, I’m for wasting the national media’s obsessive time, so ‘m in favor of the decision Rex Ryan has made. It’s probably the first move he’s made the past three years that I like, actually. But, where does Tim Tebow play in 2013?

The rumors of Tebow demanding to be traded have yet to be confirmed by solid sources that I’m aware of, and that really doesn’t seem like his style, but if he does get moved in the offseason, where might he end up? Would any team be willing to take a chance on him? Absolutely. But would any team be willing to give up compensation for him? Well, that’s the real trick, isn’t it?

I never thought Denver would get much in return for Tebow after they signed Peyton Manning, so it’s hard to get the feel for what would be offered and who would want to accept this circus that will follow him to town. The logical choice seems to always go back to Jacksonville, which is close to where he played his college ball and still has a huge following.

The fact that Jacksonville doesn’t exactly have a stud quarterback in place, combined with the fact that the new owner of the team needs to do something to get the ever dwindling attendance up makes a lot of sense. The Jags aren’t going anywhere in the next two years and this is a great marketing scheme to put some butts in the seats. It has to be the most logical choice.

We all knew that when the Jets traded for Tebow, it was the last thing they needed if they really thought Sanchez could turn it around. Well, we all knew it except the brain trust in the Jets front office. To see it end this way is neither surprising or hard to understand. This was a move made strictly for the buzz it generated. With their in state rivals winning yet another Super Bowl, it was about the only way to keep the state interested in them over the Giants.




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