By Eric Schmidt

I watch more hours of the NFL Network than most normal humans during the course of a week. I have been critical of the NFL Network’s AM show. However, there is some solid programing that comes from the league’s network. This season, the league launched the pre-pre-game show, First on the Field, which airs at 7:00a.m. EST. The best breakdown of pre-game comes from the NFL Network. I follow First on the Field along with Rich Eisen and GameDay AM. I used to be a viewer of other shows, but the major network pregame shows have become just a laugh-fest, with little information by previous players and coaches.

The NFL Network’s decision to start the first pre-game show on regular season Sunday’s was a major hit with me.

I have watched every First on the Field episode this year, and I noticed something this morning. Melissa Stark was not wearing a wedding ring. She did mention that she got her 9-year old son Super Bowl tickets for Christmas, how cool is that as a mom when her son goes back to school after break? You got Madden 13? I got tickets to the Super Bowl.

I’ve followed Melissa Stark’s career since she was a sideline reporter for Monday Night Football at the turn of the century. She opted out of reporting in order to become a mom, but thankfully has come back to the football broadcast arena.

Twenty and thirty-something male football fans are seemingly enamored with Erin Andrews. Please. Have you seen her work on the Fox coverage of college football this season? Andrews cannot work on her feet. She is all artificial intelligence, made up with hair, high heels and marketing. Ms. Stark however is another story.

Ms. Stark just turned 39 last month, when you are 24, you think that is old. I just turned 46 this month. With age, comes wisdom. Stark has a complete package of beauty, intelligence and a knowledge of football that blows 99.9% of most males away.

Melissa was not wearing a wedding ring this morning, as she has all season long. Perhaps she forgot it at home. But seriously, what red-blooded American male would want to part ways with this woman? Perhaps it was an oversight this morning, but if there is marital strife, her husband is an idiot.







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  1. avatar Brian

    Your an idiot and no absolutely nothing about how Melissa knows absolutely nothing about what she’s talking about.

    • avatar Andrew

      You use “your” instead of “you’re” and use “no” instead of “know,” not to mention that your sentence structure is pathetic and borderline nonsensical, and you have the nerve to call someone else an idiot?

  2. avatar Susie q

    Obviously if you have been following her so called career you know she knows much about lacrosse as well. Her husband is a complete idiot for putting up with her making a fool out of him and their kids every week while she throws herself at her co host in front of all of America to see. She won’t be winning the “mother of the year award” this year I’m sure. She is nothing more than a has been sideline reporter and a middle aged soccer mom who’s painted on Star Trek uniform dresses yell mid life crisis. Her opinion on football is just not relevant at all. Give me Erin Andrews any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  3. avatar Susan Doty-Sharpe

    Melissa is a wanna be entertainment reporter.she isalso insecure, narcissistic whore. She makes the show all about her. She wants all the attention and undercuts any comments made about the cheerleaders or any other woman. She googles all her info. She is not prepared fore this job. And if she continues to throw herself at her Co host.she is going to have problems on her hands. More than just her husband. She has slept here way thru the NFL n she has not built a career on her own true talent. Men are just blind by the bleach bottle thin hair blond with the body of a 12 yr old boy.Michelle Biesner is more attractive on any day.

  4. avatar John P

    Melissa Stark and Erin Andrews have both made nice careers for themselves. Good for them.

  5. avatar Glenn F

    I can’t believe the comments from the women on here. She gave up her career to have a family. Now that her son is older she reports on the NFL and gives her son Super Bowl tickets….yeah, that’s mom of the year in every boy’s mind. Grow up and leave the insecure cattiness in high school.


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