By Eric Schmidt

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke to the media this afternoon at the conclusion of the NFL league’s quarterly ownership meeting which was held in Dallas, Texas. Goodell, the commish that has opined on adding a NFL franchise in London and placing a Super Bowl in London, floated out the idea of expanding the current NFL playoff format. Goodell told reporters that there is a possibility that the NFL could advance as many as 16 teams into the playoffs at the end of the season. This is another horrible idea suggest by Goodell.

Goodell made news last week when he granted an interview to Time magazine and discussed a possible change to the kickoff rules. He was seemingly handed a backhanded slap by former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue yesterday in the New Orleans Saints Bounty-gate scandal. This afternoon, Goodell throws out the suggestion that the league is going to possibly consider allowing one half of NFL teams into post-season play.

This is a horrible idea. Has the NFL morphed into the NBA or the league formerly known as the NHL? One half of NFL teams will qualify for the post-season? Seriously? Does anyone remember the outrage over the 2010 Seattle Seahawks advancing into the playoffs with a 7-9 record?

12 teams, and the current NFL playoff format is just fine the way it is. Yes, another round of playoff games will create more revenue for the owners, but seriously, 12 teams are enough. Every time I see Goodell open his mouth, I get the feeling that he is trying to re-invent the NFL wheel. The league is currently working, but there are storm clouds looming for “The Shield” as Goodell refers to the league as. The impending concussion lawsuit can take the gravy train right off the tracks.

The possibility of 16 NFL teams reaching post-season play is a horrible idea. How many sub-.500 teams would qualify for the playoffs in a given year? The NFL playoff schedule is perfect as it sits currently.

Mr. Goodell wants to etch his name into the NFL rock of legacy, but his ideas are way out of the box. Stop with the outside the box ideas, and focus on the impending hurricane facing the NFL which could really destroy the league.




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