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The Buffalo Bills continue to make their annual pilgrimage to the Great White North to play at least one official home game in Toronto, Canada per NFL season, but that does not mean that all of the players are on board. In fact, at least one Bills player is getting sick of this tradition.

Buffalo offensive lineman Eric Wood would like to play all eight home games in Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo. He feels rather strongly about not going back to Toronto any time soon. Not to play an NFL home game for the Bills, at least.

I have no idea what he thinks about the city or the country as a whole.

“Yeah, I did call it a joke,” Wood told WGRF-FM on Wednesday, via The Associated Press. “It stunk that we were up there. And I was heated when I said it was a joke. And I’m not going to sit here and retract all my statements because that’s what I meant and what I felt.”

It does make sense for multiple reasons. The Bills may not always be the most competitive team, but they do have fairly loyal fans, all things being equal. Also, being a cold weather team, playing indoors in Toronto is certainly not giving them any advantages.

It also seemed as if the Seattle Seahawks received more cheers than the Bills did on Sunday. And it was not as if Doug Flutie was running the Seattle offense. It was still Russell Wilson.

Granted, while Wood was the most vocal in his displeasure of having to play a home game a year in Toronto, he did not make the trip up north for Buffalo this past week, as he is still recovering from a sprained right knee injury that has forced him to the sideline. Or, in this case, to stay home and not need to whip out his passport. But While Wood may have been the most outspoken, he is not the only player on the Bills who may be growing tired of having to play a “home” game every year away from their home.

“It’s very similar to a road game, but also I understand the business side of things,” defensive tackle Kyle Williams told the AP. “I don’t think you’d find a guy in here that wouldn’t agree that they would much rather be in Ralph Wilson Stadium.”

Perhaps the NFL can give the Bills a break, as they are 1-4 in these designated home games that take place in another country. Maybe instead of the Bills playing in Toronto, they can send the San Diego Chargers to play a home game in Mexico one season. See how another team likes hitting the road in another country to play an important home game in the NFL.





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