By Eric Schmidt

Black Monday is looming for coaches around the NFL, but it appears one head coach and a general manager will not have to wait long in order to find out their fate. The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting this evening that Browns head coach Pat Shurmur and general manager Tom Heckert will be fired after the Browns season finale on Sunday. This move really does not come as a surprise.

After Jimmy Haslam purchased the Browns at the start of the regular season, one could see change was blowing in the wind for the franchise. Mike Holmgren was moved out of his front office role in mid-season and Joe Banner was brought in to take over front office duties. Shurmur was Holmgren’s man, not Haslam’s.

The Browns have now completed their 11th straight season without advancing to the post-season. Haslam has promised wholesale changes with the Browns organization, and it appears that he is going to act swiftly in order to put those changes in place. Cleveland does have some young talent in place and have been a competitive team on the field in most all of their contests in 2012, but questions remain in some areas around the field.

The first question is going to be who becomes the next head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Is Nick Saban going to leave the University of Alabama? Were the rumors regarding Saban and Michael Lombardi true? Or will the Browns go another direction? Will Joe Banner turn to Andy Reid? Will Cleveland look to hire New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels away and give him another coaching opportunity? Will Jon Gruden’s name resurface with association to the Browns?

This is just the first of many firings to come over the next few days. Stay tuned, it’s going to be a busy week around the NFL.




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