By Eric Schmidt

The Detroit Lions continue to be one of the most confounding teams in the NFL during the 2012 regular season.A trendy pre-season pick for the playoffs, a team seemingly loaded with talent, but yet an utter disappointment on the field during the regular season. Sunday’s loss to the hapless Arizona Cardinals, marked the sixth regular season loss in a row for the Lions and some serious questions need to be asked moving forward.

Detroit has lost six straight games and seven of their last nine contests. If the Lions lose their last eight straight games, how can Jim Schwartz escape with his job? He can point to special teams breakdowns, defensive backfield breakdowns, injury issues, but ultimately, this team is his responsibility.

Really? QB Matthew Stafford throws three interceptions, two returned for touchdowns against one of the worst teams in the league? Cardinals rookie QB Ryan Lindley throws for just 104 total yards but yet, RB Beanie Wells rushes for three scores in a 38-10 blowout? What happened to the vaunted Lions defensive line?

Something has to change in the Motor City. I liked the passion that Schwartz brought to Detroit when he arrived and I have been following the team. However, I believe that Schwartz has lost the team in the last year.

Jim Schwartz was able to right the ship after the lost decade of the Matt Millen debacle, but there is serious talent in Detroit right now and it needs to be used the right way. I don’t know if Schwartz is the coach to do that. I’m wondering about recent moves in free agency and recent drafts. There doesn’t appear to be significant depth.

This is the second season in a row where the Lions struggle to run the ball. Why is not Joique Bell more involved?

The 2011 offseason leading into the start of this year should have been a signal. Multiple arrests of Lions players. That shows me that Jim Schwartz has no control over his team or his locker room. He might be a fiery head coach that got the Lions to the playoffs last season, but his players are running roughshod and he has no control and it’s showing on the field.

How many arrests did you see of New England Patriots player last season? Pittsburgh Steelers? New York Giants? Well run, professional organizations. If there was an arrest, the player is released.

Schwartz is facilitating this behavior. The Lions have established a team which can compete week in and week out in the NFL and they are going to need to decide if he will remain the head coach of the club if they finish the season on an eight game losing streak.

There happens to be an interim head coach not too far away in Indianapolis that has done a remarkable job with the Colts this season. Bruce Arians might be a great fit with Matthew Stafford, he has a great track record of working with talented quarterbacks.




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  1. avatar itsfun

    Maybe the coach tried to release the players that got arrested, but was overruled by the front office. Just something to think about. The Lions front office has a history of interfering with the coaching staff. If that is the problem, no wonder why the coach may have lost the team.

  2. avatar saus

    Jim gets 1 more year, but only if Bill Cowherd doesn’t want the job. You don’t hire a first time head coach or an inexperienced one. You go get a winner! You go and get a coach who has won a ring!


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