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While children across the world are telling Santa Claus what they want for Christmas, Greg Jennings wants to make one thing perfectly clear. He may not know what he wants for Christmas next week, but he does know that he does not want the Green Bay Packers to slap him with the franchise tag after this season.

Jennings is expected to hit the free agent market following the 2012 NFL season, which will have been his seventh year with the Packers since they drafted him out of Western Michigan back in the 2006 NFL Draft. Unfortunately for Jennings, due to a pair of nagging and lingering injuries, his walk year has been his worst season in Green Bay.

Jennings has played in just six games in 2012 with the Packers, catching just 21 passes for 201 yards and a touchdown. He will likely finish the year with his lowest totals across the board in every statistical category, mainly due to his injury status.

Still, while many players would be happy to sign a deal in which they would be paid nearly $ 10 million for one year of work, that is not the case for Jennings. he would like to make that much perfectly clear.

“Will I be here? That’s totally up to the¬†Packers,” Jennings said, according to “I know one way I don’t want to be here is under a franchise tag.”

Jennings will turn 30-years-old during the first month of the 2013 NFL season, meaning he will not have many more chances at procuring a long term deal with any team, regardless of whether or not that team is the Packers. Signing a one year deal under the franchise tag rules may not be the worst thing in the world for a player who has struggled in consistency as well as in terms of injury status, but Jennings still wants no part of that scenario.

Still, if that were to be the case, Jennings could look to have a bounce back season in 2013 that has more resembled those of the past. The wide receiver had averaged over 1,000 receiving yards and around 9 touchdowns over the previous five season. Proving that he is still capable of putting up those types of numbers for one more year while he seeks to secure one more lucrative long term deal may not be the worst thing in the world for Jennings, who would still be playing in a high powered offense with one of the best quarterbacks in recent memory.

Just don’t expect him to ask Santa for that situation to play itself out in 2013. He has different thoughts on his mind.





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