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It has been said that many NFL free agents have declined to play for the Miami Dolphins because of their lack of respect for the team’s general manager, Jeff Ireland. Between what he has said to players and their families, nobody likes or respects Ireland as a GM or as a person. But while he has not commented officially on the future status of Ireland, sources close to the Dolphins’ owner feel as if Ross will retain Ireland past this season.

According to the Miami Herald, Ross’s associates and confidants say that he has not only seen enough improvement in rookie first round draft pick Ryan Tannehill at quarterback, but that “He sees progress,” enough to the point where we would possibly consider retaining Ireland.

Does that mean that Ross is just as committed to a losing franchise as Ireland, if one indeed keeps the other running the team?

It isn’t enough that the fans have given up, or that the television ratings are terrible. But when other players have actually spoken out against signing in Miami simply due to how they feel about Ireland, shouldn’t a little bell go off over the head of Ross, or one of his associates or lackey’s? Shouldn’t someone tell him that Ireland must go?

The Dolphins finally hired a good head coach and football guy in Joe Philbin. Tannehill may be the answer as the future quarterback Miami has been seeking since the glory days of Dan Marino. The defense is a vastly improved unit, overall, considering the players that are still in Miami.

But if the Dolphins are to ever take that next step forward, it will most likely only happen once Ross finally gets a clue and fires Ireland.

Until then, Miami is marked for mediocrity in front of very few fans in the stands and not many more viewers on television.






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  1. avatar scott

    Seriously Mr. Kelley, what is with you and your HATE with Jeff Ireland? Did he cut you off in traffic or something? You report some of the most hanus crap I have ever read. Non Factual babble hater you are. Mr Ireland like it or not, has pretty big respect in his circles for what he does as a GM. Hes way better than your Jets GM you clown.


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