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Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported Saturday night that Tim Tebow joining the Jacksonville Jaguars was a “virtually certainty” after the end of this season. While Tebow joining the organization might be on the horizon, journeyman QB Chad Henne did his best impression of a starting quarterback this afternoon against the New England Patriots.The Jaguars offense has been gutted by injuries this season and the Patriots came into this afternoon’s game as a 14 point favorite.

Henne threw for 348 yards this afternoon against the Patriots and held a 13-3 lead over New England with 13 minutes to go in the second quarter. Despite tossing two interceptions early, Tom Brady comes back and tosses a pair of touchdowns and the Patriots come away with a 23-16 win.

Two days before the kickoff of the jaguars game, it was revealed in the media that Tim Tebow coming to the Jacksonville Jaguars is “inevitable”. Henne, along with Tebow, are both trying to resurrect their career as a starting quarterback?

Yes, Henne threw for 348 yards this afternoon against the porous Patriots secondary, but is he really the starting quarterback heading into next season? In the last four games, he has two touchdowns and six interceptions.

The rumors of Tebow coming to Jacksonville might have lit a fire under Chad Henne on Sunday, but he was unable to deliver a win. Yes, the Jags have suffered this season with the lack of playmakers as injuries took a toll. However, turnovers have followed Henne and they simply haven’t gone away.







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    Cecil Shorts and Justin Blackmon are’nt playmakers???


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