By Eric Schmidt

Last Sunday on NFL Network’s First on the Field pre-game show, Michael Lombardi floated out an interesting possibility regarding Washington Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. If a team decides to hire Shanahan as a head coach, would Kirk Cousins be part of a package deal? If so, should the Kansas City Chiefs be looking at the possibility?

Shanahan’s name is being mentioned in association with coaching vacancies this year because of the work he has done this season with two rookie quarterbacks, Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins. Kyle Shanahan is responsible for the Redskins offense this season and has been doing the play calling, he has had a successful season. Given his lineage, Shanahan should rightfully so be considered for a head coaching position.

Enter the Kansas City Chiefs. Head coach Romeo Crennel and perhaps general manager Scott Pioli are rumored to be on their way out in Kansas City. The Chiefs rallied around Crennel last season after being named the interim head coach after Todd Haley’s dismissal. It seems now that the team was more relieved to be rid of Haley than rallying around Crennel. Crennel is a great defensive coordinator but can’t make the transition to the head coaching position.

It’s time for a fresh start in Kansas City. A new head coach and perhaps a young quarterback to build around for the future. No more Brady Quinn. No more Matt Cassel. No more stop gap measures of adding veterans for one or two fleeting seasons at the end of their career. An actual quarterback for the future.

Why not sign Kyle Shanahan and then trade for Kirk Cousins. Lombardi makes the great point that his father, Mike, is going to want to see his son succeed as a head coach. With Robert Griffin III entrenched as the Redskin’s starter for the forseeable future, Kirk Cousins is a luxury. He is also the vehicle as to which the Redskins could use to recoup some of the draft choices Washington surrendered in order to acquire RG III.

Washington used a fourth-round pick to acquire Cousins last year. Why not surrender a third-round pick this year in order to reunite Cousins with Kyle Shanahan in an offense he already has a season in? Sure, Cousins has just one career start, but he will be immersed in an offense he is very familiar with and can hit the ground running.

Yes, the Chiefs will likely have the first overall selection in the 2013 draft, but there is no surefire can’t miss quarterback prospect in this year’s class. I think the addition of a up and coming head coach prospect along with a young quarterback familiar with his system is the right formula to get the Chiefs back in the win column while building for the future.





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Readers Comments (6)

  1. avatar Cam

    If the Chiefs made this deal, I would still want to draft Geno Smith #1 overall. Washington showed just how valuable 2 good QBs can be over 17 weeks, and KC has no viable back up.

  2. avatar Iowa Chief's Fan

    What’s the story with Stanzi? Yes I’m biased as he’s played for UoI but haven’t seen him in a game yet. Has he been given a chance?

  3. avatar doug

    its going to take more than a third round pick, try a first round pick baby!

  4. avatar mike

    I’m glad none of you are general managers. No way do you give up a 1st for Cousins. Maybe a 3rd and 7th. As for GenoSmith no way. You trade down to 6 or 7 and take Manti Te’o while acquiring extra picks. Trade Bowe for a 2nd if he won’t re-sign. Stock pile picks but first thing for the new gm is to hire a better scouting staff

    • avatar Dewayne

      Mike, what planet are you from? You think about it. Kansas City must draft Geno or a QB atleast in this years draft. Answer me this,what would if Cousins was traded for and we draft Te`o. I will tell you what, we might have 1 good QB.We need to draft a QB and trade for a backup as well. Neither QB we have is worth a plug nickel.Our defence is not the best,I will give you that. But if we had a “francise QB”, we have a D on the rise and an O that could score enought that we would be darn good.

  5. avatar Marcusmaxis

    We need to trade for Chase Daniels from New Orleans. He would be the perfect QB to build with. Hes got the arm and scramble speed and would be a heck of a lot better than cousins or any other one you guys are throwing out.


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