By Eric Schmidt

Given the remarkable play on the field of rookie quarterback Russell Wilson this season, the Seattle Seahawks are reportedly going to move on from free agent acquisition Matt Flynn in the offseason. Flynn was originally believed to be the starting quarterback for the Seahawks this season after inking a deal in free agency, but Seattle decided to select Russell Wilson as well in the fourth-round of the 2012 NFL Draft. Wilson beat out Flynn for the starting job and will be the starting quarterback for the foreseeable future.

After handing Matt Flynn $10 million in guaranteed money this year, and a salary of $5.25 million due for 2013, ESPN’s John Clayton believes that the organization is going to be shopping Flynn after this season.

Given the small class of veteran free agent quarterbacks expected in 2013, coupled with the shallow rookie draft class, Flynn will generate interest from quarterback needy teams. No team is needier than the Arizona Cardinals but the failed Kevin Kolb costly experiment have the organization looking for a quarterback with starting experience.

Rumors have surfaced that the Buffalo Bills are going to move on from Ryan Fitzpatrick at the end of the season. Some of those same rumors have Michael Vick being linked to the Bills.

There could be a potential quarterback opening in Oakland. The Kansas City Chiefs are likely to move on from Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn.

There are quarterback questions in Jacksonville, Minnesota and Tennessee as well. Then, there is never ending quarterback saga with the New York Jets as well.

Sure, the Seattle Seahawks could afford to hold on to Matt Flynn again next season, but with Russell Wilson having a firm grip on the starting job, coupled with a soft quarterback market, why not entertain every and all offers?




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  1. avatar Hawk_Eye

    Why would Seattle get rid of a good back up quarterback unless they can get at least a second or third round draft choice for him? Makes no sense. Then they would have to find a replacement for him.

    • avatar Eric Schmidt

      Well, the idea was floated out there by John Clayton. What I suggested was that the Seahawks should listen to any and all offers. Seattle has had some exceptional drafts in recent years and if they were to get an offer that was too good to pass up, they should take the draft pick or picks and move on with Wilson clearly entrenched as the starter.

  2. avatar hennyis1

    Russell Wilson was drafted 75th in the third round, not the fourth round. ;P

  3. avatar Justin


    Even if Seattle wanted to keep Flynn, I think Flynn would want to be shopped. He is better than a backup, and there are plenty of backup QB’s available, that could get the job done. Seattle has a strong defence, and that has kept them afloat as much if not more than Wilson. Even Flynn would have had Seattle in a great position this year. What will be telling will be Wilsons play over the next five years. You could have Kolb/Cassel/Quinn and the like as a backup. The interesting QB carosel this year is the availability of QB’s like Alex Smith, Flynn, Tebow, Matt Moore etc who are all ( In my Opinion) starters on other teams. Seattle will get a good trade value for Flynn, and I think you will find that the feeling is mutual that he depart.

    • avatar hennyis1

      Actually, the defense has cost Wilson a few games, notably at Detroit and Miami. Plus, the defense hasn’t been as consistent as Wilson has. Make no mistake; Russell Wilson is the identity of this team now.

    • avatar hawkman

      Tebow is know starting NFL QB, and unless he has a complete makeover never will be!

  4. avatar Ken Kelso

    Anyone remember Scott Mitchell.
    He had a few good games with the Dophins in 93 and the Detroit Lions gave Mitchell a big contract after the 93 season.
    Lets just say, Scott Mitchell was an average QB.

  5. avatar Trakar

    I think that Flynn should be quite happy where he is. It is in Seattles benefit to retain him as back up QB, and there is little need to keep a third QB on the roster. The more talent and consistency the ‘Hawks maintain in depth the better the team will be when injuries, and nature interfere with the best laid plans. Flynn is a valued and valuable contributor to the team, without the confidence that comes from having such a pro in back-up to Wilson, I doubt Carroll (& co.) would be quite as eager to let Wilson play his style of football.
    Don’t break up the band before they cut their first vinyl!


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