By Eric Schmidt

Living in the South Florida market, no professional sports general manager draws the ire of fans more than Jeff Ireland of the Miami Dolphins. Ireland joined the club in 2008 and it’s been downhill since then. Ireland’s behavior has been well documented since he planted himself around South Beach.

-Asking Dez Bryant if his mother was a prostitute

-Telling a fan in Dolphins Stadium he was an ass—- after Ireland was told to “fire himself” during a Dolphins loss.

– And how’s that Peyton Manning situation working out in Miami this season?

Ireland has had five seasons now with the Dolphins, and two head coaches. Since Ireland has been in the Miami front office, the Dolphins have been 37-41. Hardly inspiring. In fact, not inspiring at all. The once proud Miami franchise is producing the worst local television ratings of any NFL team. The Dolphins, despite an aggressive marketing campaign, which is still ongoing, only has accounted for 77% of tickets sold to the team’s first six home games. The average paid attendance is 58,484 per game according to the Miami Herald.

Dolphins fans however, might have to temper their expectations this offseason. The Miami Herald reports a source as saying that the franchise is satisfied with the improvement that the team has shown on the field this season and there have been no internal discussions about the removal of Ireland at his position.

I would suggest that perhaps owner Stephen Ross and GM Jeff Ireland actually watch some Dolphins games. There is plenty of room for improvement on both sides of the ball in Miami and this team is in need of proper management.





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  1. avatar CPhinsWinASAP

    he really needs to go. Yes players play to get paid but when a team is willing to pay the same then other factors begin to be consider such a bosses. I would never work (knowingly) for a jack___. Ireland belongs in the CFL. I really hope Ross does not allow him to attempt another offseason build. Especially with all the ammo we have!!As for most things I don’t get what I want…this being one of them. GO PHINS!!

    • avatar William Logan

      You know, CPhinsWinASAP, your sentiments about Ireland are quite accurate, but your suggestion that he is a worthy candidate for the CFL lowers you to Ireland’s level. Don’t you think it would be better to suggest that Ireland be shipped to some place where he has no contact with professional and/or amateur athletes at all? Just saying……..

    • avatar scott

      The ammo that you write about idiot is because of Ireland cleaning up what was put in place while the Tuna was here. Fact: Ireland never overpaid for any FA QB that most are not even starting on their respective teams now or are just terrible, which is part of the reason we have that amount of cap space and draft picks we have next year.Its called positioning. You cant play both sides of the fence. Fact: the fan that ireland called an ahole in fact was an ahole and deserved to be arrested.So stop jumping on the bandwagon with these idiot reporters that are reporting nothing but hatred. Bunch of idiots. These comments and this reporting has to be a joke.

  2. avatar Ben

    There are three reasons I hope that Jeff Ireland’s tenure with the Dolphins comes to an end as soon as possible and hopefully after next week’s 2012 finale in New England marks in the 4th straight no playoffs year in Miami:
    1. He is not terrible at his job–the dregs of the NFL, the Kansas City and Jacksonville types, would love to have the kind of talent he’s uncovered–but he has a maddening, apparently unfixable talent for being unable to address problem areas on the team. The answer to trading Brandon Marshall (a move that I fully supported and still do, they’re better off with Marshall’s ass out of South Florida, period) was trying to revive Chad Johnson? The answer to getting rid of Vontae Davis (another move I fully supported, because again, he cut a cancer off of his team’s body roster) was signing a decent cornerback with a checkered injury history like Richard Marshall? And he did nothing of note to add depth, leaving the spectacle of seeing Nolan Carroll and Jimmy Wilson playing on anything but special teams and doing so against top NFL quarterbacks.
    2. He makes decisions with emotion as much as facts and insights. I don’t think you can cut away emotion from any process but it’s a problem when good players are ignored in free agency and talented college players are passed up because they rubbed Jeff Ireland the wrong way. Great GMs like Ozzie Newsome don’t pull that crap; they find the best fits on numbers and values, not who annoys them in interviews.
    3. This kind of ties into #2 but the fact is, Jeff Ireland is an unlikable, obnoxious presence who sends prospective talents fleeing in the other direction. Jim Harbaugh met primarily with him, as did Jeff Fisher, and they both now coach (and coach well) NFC West teams. Ireland’s an anti-recruiter, he’s like the Bizarro Pat Riley. He reminds me of A.J. Smith, another acerbic GM who had good ideas. Anyone think A.J.’s counting up those titles he never won as the “Lord of No Rings” in San Diego as the clock ticks down towards his likely firing? And Smith is Ireland’s BEST CASE SCENARIO.
    Miami won’t return to NFL powerhouse status with Jeff Ireland in charge. But if Steven Ross wants to keep listening to the guy, the local fans will keep doing what they’re doing now: treating Dolphins games as a sideshow at best, and packing AAA to watch their local NBA champions via LeBron James.


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