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The time has come for the New York Jets to bench Mark Sanchez. With two games remaining this season – and absolutely nothing to play for following another embarrassing performance in a 14-10 loss to the Tennessee Titans – the Jets must start Tim Tebow.

I have said that all along, Tebow is not a capable starting quarterback in the National Football League. My stance has not changed. Not one bit. But can anyone really tell me that Sanchez is a capable starting quarterback in this league either?

The turnovers, the bad decisions, the forced throw. They have all cost the Jets in 2012. But this is nothing new. This is the same quarterback the Jets have seen for years now, only instead of looking to go in a different direction, New York rewarded Sanchez with a lucrative contract extension last offseason.

Then, they went ahead and traded for Tebow, only to talk him and the new Wildcat packages up all throughout the preseason, but never actually implementing any such program. Tebow has rotted away on the bench, but has kept his mouth shut in doing so.

That needs to change.

I don’t want to see the choir boy on the sidelines anymore. Tebow can become a preacher after his NFL playing days are over. I want to see some fire out of this kid. I want to hear him come out and say that after watching everything unfold, there is no doubt that he should be the starting quarterback for this team. We separated church and state for a reason. Maybe it is time for Tebow to separate church and football.

It is also time for Jets’ head coach Rex Ryan to separate Sanchez and the starting quarterback job. Those two no longer go together. It actually sounds as if he may finally be getting that message.

After all, Sanchez continues to do his best to send that message to Ryan and the rest of the Jets on a weekly basis.

“I’m not ready to say who will be our quarterback next week,” Ryan said.

Then I will. It is Tebow time.

Again, I am not a hypocrite. I still do not believe that Tebow is an adequate starting quarterback in the NFL. I felt that way last year, even as he helped the Denver Broncos turn around their season by changing the attitude into a winning one after he replaced Kyle Orton. But while Tebow is not going to make the Jets a much better offense, the team may as well see if he is even worth holding on to after the 2012 NFL season. See what he can do in the next two games. If her performs well, then keep him.

If not, see if you can unload him and at least squash the daily quarterback controversy questions in the press conference. Granted, I would trade Tebow and dump Sanchez after this season and start fresh. Neither one is ever going to take this team to the Super Bowl.

Of course, I will say the same about Ryan. He and general manager Mike Tannenbaum should also be relieved of their duties after two more weeks.





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  1. avatar Brian Glenn

    Statistics don’t lie. In TT’s short NFL career he has accounted for 989 rushing yards in 197 attempts or 5.02 ypc. He has thrown for 2422 passing yards with 173 completions in about 360 attempts. PLEASE FOLLOW THIS: Every time he completes a pass it is for a 14 yard gain on average! Every time he touches the ball either attempting a pass or running with it he accounts for 6.11 yards per touch! With these stats why doesn’t this young man get his due with the Jets! For the same comprehensive reasons they haven’t won a Super Bowl since ‘Broadway Joe’ in 69!
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