By Eric Schmidt

A report from the New York Daily News suggests the New York Jets are exploring a possible trade of QB Mark Sanchez. QB Tim Tebow has reportedly requested a trade or his release from the team next season, so who becomes the starting quarterback for the Jets next season? Perhaps Michael Vick.

It appears that there will be a major overhaul of the Eagles organization this offseason and Michael Vick with his large salary could be released after the regular season ends. The Daily News reports that Vick is open to joining the Jets this offseason if Mark Sanchez is gone.

Unnamed sources and the Jets go hand in hand in recent years, and another one tells the Daily News, “Bring it on. He was hit too many times the last two years,” when speaking about the possibility of adding Vick to the roster. Be careful what you wish for.

Are the Jets really going to go down this road once again? How did that Brett Favre experiment work out? The jettison of Sanchez gets rid of a quarterback that has turned the ball over 50 times in the last 30 games. The addition of Vick brings in a quarterback that has turned the ball over 36 times in the last 22 games.The Jets have no where near the amount of offensive weapons that the Eagles have.

Vick’s skills are declining. He has only played a full slate of games in the regular season once in his career. He struggles to read defenses. He suffered what was described as a “serious” concussion this season.

The Daily News reports that Jets head coach Rex Ryan “loves” Michael Vick, according to another unnamed source.

Ryan told the media that the Jets need to stop turning the ball over. “Our big thing is turning the ball over. If you can point to one thing that we have to do better as a football team, and Mark has to do as a quarterback, that’s the thing I would look at.” If Ryan “loves” Vick, has he seen the turnovers from him in the last 22 games?

The are no guarantees as to what the future holds for Rex Ryan after this season. The club’s ownership could decide to go another direction with the head coach. If Ryan is retained however, he will enter the 2013 season on one of the hottest seats in the NFL. Does he really want to be in a must win situation with Vick as his quarterback next year? Replacing one turnover prone quarterback with another is not a solution.





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